TNA beat RAW on the first monday night wars

Oliver RobinsonContributor IMarch 11, 2010

Now the Monday night wars have restarted i'm going to be doing a score for each week. And i can honestly say that TNA won this week.Why? Because it was unpredictable. I've watched a lot more WWE than TNA but i can usally guess what is going to happen in the main event of RAW or SmackdownDown! Just over a week ago Vince McMahon anounced he would wrestle John Cena in the main event of the next RAW. The first thing i thought was 'Why John Cena?' (i'm not exactly his biggest fan) about 5 minutes later the answer came to me. Because John Cena is Bret Hart's 'friend.' Why not someone else? Like Triple H or Shawn Michaels? They humiliated him on TV before. For god's sake they shoved his head up The Big Show's a**. What has Cena done? It got to Wednesday when i actually started thinking about the match and in about 10 minutes i knew what would happen. Batista would interfere, attack Cena and let Mcmahon get the pin, and sure enough on Monday Night RAW Batista attacked Cena and McMahon got the pin. Easy. Another thing that bugged me was the fact that Kofi Kingston attacked Batista. Where the hell did that come from!?!? It was complete nonsense.

Now onto TNA.

WWE must be kicking themselves for getting rid of those perfectly good athletes. TNA are ,first of all, exploiting WWE's ridiculous PG rating by adding swearing, weapons and blood to their matches. Things that the older WWE fans want to see. (TNA are a 14 rating by the way) And second of all having unpredictable things happen. Sting returned as a heel, RVD made his debut and pinned Sting in about 9 seconds, Shannon Moore debuts and Jeff Hardy returns (again) and saves Hogan and Abyss.

Three things that let TNA down

1) First of all even though the hardcore is great, I think they overdid the blood a bit. It's not that i'm squeamish or anything, it's that it makes it seem unrealistic. Hogan was busted open 2 or 3 times that night.

2) Second, even though it was nice to see RVD again, it would have been nice to see the 5 star frogsplash. (havn't seen it in a while) instead of seeing him hit a jumping heel kick from the top rope and then rolling thunder (which was also nice to see)

3) This is really just botchy timing on the TNA part. It will probably forever be known as 'The Swanton Bomb That No One Ever Saw.' TNA had only booked an 8 minute overtime of their actuall finishing time (11.00pm) Jeff Hardy gave AJ Styles a Twist of Fate then started climbing the top rope at 11hrs.7mins.52secs. Just before the Swanton was showed the screen went black and millions of fans watching TNA on TV were left dazed and confused.

So you can hopefully see why i gave the night to TNA. But hopefully WWE will put in a better show next week.

P.S: This was my first ever article