The Riddler Report: WWE Did Shawn Michaels Foreshadow His Retirement ? (Report)

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Shawn Michaels Retirement

Today I was working on another article (where u can read by clicking on my name) when I came across this report from a year ago. (Credit goes to:

Apparently a year ago Shawn did a interview on radio station Q101 in Chicago where he talk about possibly retiring at Wrestmania 26.

Shawn went on to mention how his WWE contract expires immediately after WrestleMania and that he wants to be around more for his children and family.

Michaels concluded by saying he feels he’ll return to wrestling again at some point, possibly when his kids are teenagers and don’t want to be around him all the time as much anymore.

So there you have it folks could this be for real?

Will Michael really retire at mania or could his plans change ?

Only time will tell.

Will he or will he not retire?

Do u care?

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