Dissecting the Eagles at 24: DE Edition

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 03:  Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium on January 3, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Now that Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles have seemingly made their move for a Free Safety by bringing in DB Marlin Jackson, what will they do with their first round pick? Many Eagles fans figured the Safety position a lock for the Eagles first pick in the 2010 draft and some even began speculating some options that would be there at number 24.

There's a number of things the Eagles could do with that pick and over the next couple of days I'll go through some different options as to what in my mind are possibilities, today I'll try to tackle the glaring need of DE.

The Eagles still need that compliment to RDE Trent Cole since the Pepper's deal didn't go through. They have some good players there but not a three down player. They have players like Jaqua Parker who by any means didn't have a bad season in 2009 . Playing in 16 games Parker had 46 tackles/34 solo and 8 sacks. If you think about it, the sack total isn't to far off from Peppers, its the other numbers that makes the two different.  After that the Eagles have players such as Victor Abiarimi and Chris Clemons.

Victor has been plagued by injuries ever since being drafted by the Eagles in 2007 draft (57th selection overall). On July 29 2008, Abiarimi underwent surgery to correct a dislocated wrist that deemed him ineligible for 5 games. Later in 2008 he was inactive for 2 games for a Lisfranc sprain that he suffered in a game against Washington. In 2009 injury reared its ugly head again and Victor suffered a left knee sprain during the Oakland loss on Oct. 18 2009. In the 12 games he did play in during the 2009 season he had 25 tackles/17 solo and 2 sacks. If Victor can stay healthy I really think he could be a feared presence on the left side. He's has good size at 6'4 267 lbs and has a high energy motor. Every Eagles fan has seen glimpes of why the Eagles used a pick on him but he can't stay healthy long enough to really see what kind of player he really is.

Then behind Abiarimi on the depth chart is Chris Clemons. Clemons, who came to Philly as an unrestricted free agent in 2008 leaving Al Davis and the Raiders behind is another one of those players that we've seen glimpse's of. I know the first time I thought he could be a force here was on Dec. 28 2008 against the hated Cowboys when Clemons recovered a fumble and ran it "to the house" for a 73 yard TD. Unfortunately that was that glimpse I mentioned earlier. In 2009 Clemons had some dismal numbers for playing in 15 games. He had a total of 9 tackles/7 solo but he did rummage up 3 sacks. Clemons is a light for a DE at 240 lbs so that should be his first order of business..bulk up. I know the argument that some will say, Trent Cole wasn't/isn't a big DE but that only seems to work for Cole. Am I the only one who thinks another one of Andy Reids mad scientist experiments is brewing, could Clemons be a LB? Hey, seeing some of the stuff Andy does I'm not counting anything out but there is alot of sarcasm to that last statement.

So who could be available at the defensive end position when the Eagles are on the clock? Is it possible for players like Carlos Dunlap/Florida (6'6/290), Greg Hardy/Ole Miss (6'4/261) or Brandon Graham/Michigan (6'1/273) to be available. Well we know of at least 3 teams (Bears/Jaguars/Lions) that may not be in the hunt for an end. I can't see Dunlap being available but either of the other two mentioned players could be and both of them could be immediate contributors. Below is a top 10 list of the DE position composed by Russ Lande of Sportingnews.com. Tomorrow I'll cover the LB position so be sure to check back! Keep the faith Philly!!