The Foreshadow Legacy of Tiger Woods

James TurnerCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2010

March, 9, 2010 mark a huge landmark today in the hip hop world. Those who love hip hop or at least understand the history probably know that the greatest rapper of all-time Notorious BIG died on this day thirteen years ago after being shot multiple times.

There was a music video that was produced by his best friend, mentor, and boss, Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy aka Diddy. The video was called, "Mo Money, Mo Problems." The song featured Puff Daddy & Mase.This song came out in 1997, few months after BIG's death.

As you watch the video, there is a segment where Diddy was playing his own version of Tiger Woods as he named himself, Puffy Woods. He was on the 18th hole of the golf course and hit the match winning birdie.

There was a segment where Masen Gumble, played by Mase, Diddy's protege ask "Puffy Woods" about his victory and if this victory would bring more money, more problems. Puffy Woods answered, "The more money you make the more problems you will have."

Which leads me to the article at hand. When Tiger Woods made that public apology on whatever date that was he mentions a few things about why he believe it was okay for him to sleep with other women while he was married to his wife.

Tiger mentioned things like he thought he was above everyone and he was one of the celebrities who would be exempt from creating adultery. He didn't care about the consequences and was very selfish was pretty much what Tiger wanted the world to see about him.

I honestly believe Tiger Woods was perhaps cheating because he does believe that he should be able to have any woman he wants anytime he wants because he's Tiger Woods. Only the single most relevant man in any sport.

He represents an whole entire sport. Tiger brings revenue in for both him and the others involved in the tournaments. All the players are getting money off of Tiger playing his butt off everytime he steps onto that grass.

So yes it's wrong that he had numerous women in his life while married to Elin, but can't people just understand that he has more pressure than any black sports athlete since Muhammed Ali. This goes beyond the Kobe Bryant rape claim by that idiotic woman. Yes I said that. She was idiotic.

Tiger faced enormous pressure being the best golfer and being black at the same time. He didn't help his case either cursing on the golf course, showing anger, and marrying a white woman.

I have nothing against interracial dating at all. I believe true love has no color. But I'm not the media or the public. My belief doesn't make a difference to a black woman or a white man that may believe that Tiger and Elin shouldn't have committed interracial marriage anyway.

If Tiger married a black woman this wouldn't have been as extreme as it was. I could be wrong about that though because when you're the biggest athlete, everything you do is under a microscope.

I'm a very controversial person. I'm very opinionated and I stand behind my opinions. I'm always open for someone's opinion because I could always be convinced or sway. If someone makes sense, I may jump to that person's side of the argument.

How many people you know will actually stand in front of the camera and offer to the ENTIRE world an apology, admitted that they had a problem and ask everyone for forgiveness?

That takes a strong man to do what Tiger Woods did. The point I brought up about me being opinonated represents the situation of Tiger Woods. He was man enough to admit that he's wrongs and speak out to the world.

Then, I hear people say that Tiger's apology wasn't real because he had things to say about the media and he had it written. It doesn't even matter how or what his intentions were getting in front of that camera. The point is that he spoke up.

True athletes admit their wrongs. Kobe admitted to his adultery charges, Michael Jordan admitted to his. Andy Pettite apology for using illegal subtances.

It's ironic that these three athletes I just mentioned have been the top dog of their sport at some point in their careers. They were also three guys who overcame massive adversity. And now they are respected in their pro careers.

Tiger Woods will bounce back and when he returns, he will be as more dominant as ever before. He already dominated the sport over the last 12 years, not including this one. Tiger is poised and ready for another decade of dominance.

I only wonder about all those endorsement deals that pulled the trigger on Tiger's deal. Nike the only major company that stuck with Tiger and you better believe they will treat Tiger like a king once he comes back while the other weaklings that renig on Tiger will want to come back but will have too much pride to ask.

All those golfers who were talking trash about Tiger while he was gone will be kissing his ass once he comes back. They know that sport is NOTHING without him. Tiger Woods makes golf relevant to Americans. And you guys want to talk trash about your money making legend.

This brings me back to the topic at the top of this article. Tiger Woods will forever be a specimen in the mainstream, worldwide world. The more money he receives the more problems that will come. The more women who will still try to seduce him.

As a man, he will have to do more than just fight the temptation, which is very hard for a man to do. He's going to have to live up to his words he left during that press conference. He must and I believe he will become a better player, person, husband, father and a better man. His credibility revolves around it.

So say what you want about Tiger Woods. In five years, when he's dominating the PGA, Torrey Pines, and the Masters Tours, like he did a decade ago, everyone will be praising his name once again and they will forgive him for all his past mistakes.

Besides, who are you to judge a man you never met. Look in the mirror and judge yourself.