What The Colts Need To Do To Avoid The Super Bowl Losing Curse

Alec RogersContributor IMarch 10, 2010

It happens almost every single season. We saw it in the 2008 season. The 16-0 regular season Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants. In week one of the 2008 season, Tom Brady went out for the season, and the Patriots missed the playoffs entirely.

Here are five things the Colts can and should do to avoid this uncanny pattern.

5. Moderation.

This is an especially busy offseason for free agents. Though the Colts may think that free agents can lead to an Indy Super Bowl victory, this is not the right direction to go in. Both teams could have won that Super Bowl, and I still believe that the Colts are at that level. Free agents can be risky and is not something the Colts should be especially interested in.

4. Picking Up The Pattern.

Through the regular season and playoffs, Joseph Addai was relatively dissapointing...until the superbowl. He was a huge asset to the Colts in the Super Bowl game and helped them throughout. If the Colts can help to Addai to play at this level during the regular season, then there would be no downside.

3. No Beginners Luck!

Who else would I be talking about? Austin Collie went into the playoffs completely under the radar and prevailed. Ending the postseason on an extremely positive note, the Colts hope, and need him to, continue his "luck." Pierre Garcon walked on to the field knowing he had numerous beloved ones suffering from the earthquakes in Haiti, and still recorded TD after TD in the postseason and is now feared by all secondaries.

2. Containment

KEEP ALL OF YOUR PLAYERS! If any NFL team has a 14-2 record and prevails during the playoffs, there is no reason to be easy about giving players up to free agency.

1. Peyton Manning

Keep him on the roster, let him do his thing, keep him healthy, keep him happy, and the Colts will remain as one of the best teams in the NFL.