WWE Heroes Issue Number 1

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2010

On my recent visit to my "local" comic shop, I happened to notice that the first issue of WWE Heroes came out. I flipped through it and was really memorized by the drawings and ink. There are two different covers to the comic, one with HHH and Kelly with some other girl, the other with Hunter, Cena, and Undertaker battling zombies.

With a price tag of 3.99, I was iffy on picking it up. Comics today are pretty pricey compared to back in the day, but I thought, hell with it and picked it up. I got the HHH/Cena/Taker cover because the coloring was way better along with the colors. Great job by Andy Smith and Guru eFx.

As my friend drove us home, I couldn't help put read the comic. Let me just say, the color and penciling of the comic is one of the best I've seen. Just by flipping through it, the comic comes alive and brings to life a beautiful illustration. The graphics come to life and it brings you right in the action. The only problem I have is the overall look of the wrestlers. They look larger than life, but a bit too big. I understand the image of a wrestler is big and strong, but it would have been nice to have a more realistic view of a wrestler. Outside of that, I really was into the art and give it an A.

Creativity, it was different. It was something that I wasn't expecting to read in a wrestling magazine and was different than most comics. It seemed like they put a lot of thought into the comic and made it their own while tying the story into wrestling. I'll give that part an A-.

However, storywise, it was hard to follow. From what I can tell, the story is about a cult/ Satanic character who has his own church. This creature appears and talks about how he wants his brother, who is the first born. They then back track their recent encounters, which involves the major wars of our time, until the demon finally gets the better of his brother. Throughout all of this, they tie in wrestling with the encounters by making the wrestlers reenact the battle between the brothers. The preacher of the cult thinks that the older brother is one of the wrestlers and it seems like either John Cena or Triple H is the brother. I believe it is Cena, though I could be wrong. The story ends with the cult leader and his troop getting tickets to WrestleMania. It was kind of hard to follow and I'm hoping over the next few issues we'd get a clearer picture. First comics are usually scattered, so I still have hope the story will get better. With that, I'll give the story a C.

If you are a fan of wrestling and comics, I would recommend WWE Heroes at least for the first few issues. Let's see what WWE brings to the comic world and if it holds up. The story might be confusing at this point, but the art is top notch. I have some pretty big hopes for WWE Heroes and am looking forward to the monthly issues. Hopefully, you will too.