Finally!! Daniel Bryan Looks Good!

Chuck RoseContributor IMarch 10, 2010

I watched NXT last night and I finally saw a little of what the hype was all about. For the first two weeks of NXT all I saw of Daniel Byan was botched spots and very little charisma.

From the Insiguri where he fell backward after getting kicked in the back of the head, his ribs bouncing way to hard off the announce table and finally the missed springboard last week  Daniel Bryan has looked anything but the NXT WWE superstar.

Last night though I'd have to say say he truly shined both in and out of the ring. With the heel hook to the the beautiful missile drop kick,  Bryan finally looked good in the ring, and thanks to The Miz he looked good standing up to his mentor as well.

All in all Bryan truly impressed me, but overall for my money Wade Barret is leading the way. That backbreaker off the top rope was something to behold. This brawler looks like the man to beat if I had my say.

So far after 3 weeks if I had to rank the NXT rookies my ranking would be as follows.

1. Wade Barrett - So far he has been the most impressive in the ring. As far as mic skills he needs a little work. As of right now though all of the rookies do.

2. Justin Gabriel - High flying 450s look awesome, but I want to see him in action longer than 4-5 minutes.

3. Daniel Bryan - As I said above he looked truly good in ring, just doesn't make up for all the missed spots in the first 2 weeks.

4. David Otunga - Inconsistency! One week he looks like the man, The next? Looks like dog poo in the ring. I do think his entrance plays off Truth's "What's Up?" well though.

5. Heath Slater- Looked better in the ring, but way below par out of it.

6. Darren Young - If this kid shaves his head the skys the limit.

7. Micheal Tarver - Only time will tell. After week 1 I woulda ranked him #2, but he hasn't seen action since then.

8. Skip Sheffield - Not only annoying but stupid! Enough said.

Chime in and give me your thoughts so far.