2010 NFL Mock Draft Version 2.0

Timothy DudekContributor IMarch 10, 2010

Hey I hope a lot of people that read my first mock draft came back to read version 2.0 of this year's mock draft.

I kept many of the old saying of who I was gonna draft previously they are marked with a date and will also have the players name bold if it has changed. Please leave me comments—any debate is a great debate.

1. St. Louis Rams: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

I thought about putting Bradford here but I really want to see how is shoulder is during his pro-day later this month I see have to go with Jimmy "Golden Boy" Clausen.

The kid has played pro-style throughout his Notre Dame career under Weiss so expect this to be a rookie that if signed on time will be into training camp on time battling to start from day 1.

(Feb 8) I don't see them taking Suh because of their draft picks in the last couple of years that have gone to the D-line, Adam Carriker and Chris Long.

This makes way for a few interesting possibilities. But because I am not going to project trades, I put down the most logical pick: A QB.

Some people think that Clausen is cocky and arrogant, but isn't that what you want from a QB?

He also has played his NCAA career in a pro-style offense under an offensive guru of a coach. He should transition to the NFL rather nicely

2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

During my first of two draft updates this month I am going to continue to have Suh as my top choice for the lions. I am very close to switching this to Okung the lions have done some great work this offseason shoring up a great front seven.

The big reason I have Suh still here is because of the Van Boesch signing will help team Suh the game much like Van Boesch did to Haynesworth back in the day.

But adding Suh would make one of Detroit Lineman expandable for a trade they just can't have that much money tied up for those players but I say draft the players an figure out the checkbooks later.

This team still needs help on the OL Okung would help Detroit shut down the great defensive ends this division has. They need to protect Stafford an hopefully they do a better job at it this year.

(Feb 8)I am actually split between him and McCoy with this pick.

Each player plays a different type of game and I believe they will both have solid careers in the NFL. The Combine and personal workouts are going to make one of these players a more interesting pick. Detroit will probably contact both agents and pick whichever one agrees to take less money.

Detroit has had many high draft picks in the past few years and need to get this player locked in for four to six years at a relatively low cap number (if and when the NFL salary cap comes back).

I could also see Detroit trying to trade out of this pick to someone who falls in love with Suh. They could make a trade to team that has multiple first round picks. Remember Detroit needs many pieces still.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

When the bowls where just over some people believed it would go Defensive Tackles 1-2 that didn't sit well in Tampa they needed a beast of a DT and they will without unforeseen circumstances at least get to pick the fall out player but they could very impossibly have a shot at both get their pick.

I like Gerald McCoy a lot I know they say the 'numbers' all speak volumes for Suh but the two knee surgeries he had a the beginning of college bother me a lot an I rather pick the prospect who is injury free an I think he can come in an be little Warren Sapp jr.

(Feb 8)Another great DT specimen; some analysts have him rated above Suh. I really like his finesse style of play.

Tampa Bay would love to have Suh fall into their lap, but I doubt that it will happen. They will be happy with McCoy. He should allow this team to build up a terrible D-line from last year.

4. Washington Redskins: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

One of the big problems that the Redskins had was they couldn't stop anyone picking up a player like Okung will immediately put a stop to Campbell laying dead on the ground.

He isn't a pro bowler by any means but if you could give him some time he isn't as bad as some experts make him out to be. The Defense will be much improved next season let's put some talent around Campbell get him a good WR or two and where in shape because with Okung at least he will have a few more seconds in the pocket.

(Feb 8)Mike Shanahan needs to bolster this team's offensive line before he goes out and grabs a franchise QB.

This team isn't as bad as people think.

They are only a few pieces away from being competitive once again.

I think it all starts with a rock solid OT. This will help out the running game and give whoever the QB is next year time in the pocket, which they lacked this year. Campbell isn't as bad as people think, but he isn't great either.

This draft won't be a star studded class, but will be one that brings in many players that will fit the Shanahan formula. Look for a good offensive line next year in Washington, with Portis returning to old form.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

Alpert showed that he isn't a good LT last year and with Okung gone now we have to pick the second best offensive tackle on the list. Kansas City will think about taking Haden an Eric Berry but will not reach for a player that they need to still play high amount of guaranteed money.

Pinolli's project of grabbing Matt Cassel will come to life this year was it a good idea or not after two years in his own system with the players he drafts. That is why where going with big strong Bulaga here.

(Feb 8)Anthony Davis, OT, RutgersThey spent a lot of money on Matt Cassel last year. This team now needs to protect him and figure out that Albert is not a good tackle at all—he led the leagues in sacks allowed.

KC has many needs like other teams drafting this high—an OT is one of them.

They have a great young back that would love to see a good run blocking tackle open up holes for him. At 325 lbs., Davis can be that guy.

6. Seattle Seahawks: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Pete Carroll know what he is doing he knows that a quarterback instantly makes this team better.

The only way they don't take a QB here is if they Sign Brandon Marshall and this pick is part of that trade. Just think of a rookie QB throwing the ball to the likes of TJ Houjamamama and Brandon Marshall.

Granted this team needs a lot of other help some Oline help would be great and a few defenders but i think Pete will pick up some gems in the later rounds.

(Feb 8)Pete Carroll will do the right thing and draft a QB. A new regime means a new QB and Carroll will want one to put in for his system.

Thus Bradford will be the new starting QB in Seattle in April.

7. Cleveland Browns: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

Cleveland fans might not like this pick but it is the steal of the draft I have him as my three rated prospect the only reason the other teams passed on him is because of the money he would demand at those other places. Last year's seventh overall pick got 38.25 million with over 23 guaranteed. Those are high numbers for a Safety to make

(Feb 8)Cleveland lands the best player in the draft and helps out a defense that let Detroit score five touchdowns through the air.

Eric Berry should develop into a great DB and be of the Ed Reed caliber.

8. Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

If the Raiders are ever going to have a good offense they need to restart with their horrible Offensive Line. If Al Davis still believes that Russell is the future at QB and McFadden is still the answer at RB they need a line to help protect their investments and open up holes for the running game.

Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech Does Al Davis make a pick that will, for once, help out the team?

Instead of drafting the faster player available, he grabs a player that will help make the Raiders defense feared again, like it once was.

9. Buffalo Bills: Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee

The Bills are moving to a 3-4 Defense without a solid Nose-tackle. Dan Williams will help to shore up a bad defensive front. The Bills have a good secondary and will look for offensive help in the second and third rounds. Because of the division rivals the bills play against they need to draft defense to stand a chance against Henne, Brady, and Sanchez.

(Feb 8)Joe Haden, CB, Florida For a team that plays twice a year against Brady, Henne, and Sanchez, they don't really have the DB's that can cover the WR's that said QB's can throw to. Henne and Brady have cannons for arms and Sanchez will only get better with time.

So it only makes sense for the Bills to draft for defense against their divisional rivals.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

With the addition of Kampman and Morgan this Defense looks to have finally figured it out. Morgan with start opposite of Kampman and learn from the veteran. This team will pick Tim Tebow it is just way too early for them to do it. They grab one of the better defenders still left on the board and look to really solidify their defense with this pick.

(Feb 8)Tim Tebow, QB, Florida Do I think Tebow is good enough to go in the first round?


Why is this pick made then, you might ask?

It is because the Jags can't fill their stadium and need a player like Tebow to bring the attendance up.

Did anyone notice how many people came to the Senior Bowl just to see him? The Jags owner is just thinking about sell outs compared to the half-packed stadium he is getting now.

In the end the Jags will pick Tebow, but they will probably trade down to the late teens or early 20s to do it.

11. Denver Broncos: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St

Brandon Marshall seems destine to be out of there before the draft. I will not speculate trades but look for the Broncos to pick up another first rounder for him when they trade him away. If/when Marshall leaves this team will lack a solid No. 1 Receiver and I believe that Bryant can step in an be that guy.

(Feb 8)With Brandon Marshall most likely on his way out this offseason, why not grab the best WR in the draft?

Even if Marshall doesn't get traded, a player like Bryant will help free up the constant double teams that Marshall faced last year, and will help Kyle Orton at QB.

12. Miami Dolphins: Joe Haden, CB, Florida

Cornerback is not the most pressing need for this team but when one of the best players in the draft falls to you at number 12 you take that gift and you pick him. This will allow the Dolphins to move Sean Smith out to Safety where he belongs.

(Feb 8)Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama Parcells doesn't draft WR's in the first round, so instead the Dolphins will do what Parcells usually: Draft defense.

He loves aggressive linebackers and will draft the best linebacker available. McClain is a fast, great tackling linebacker who will surely enjoy playing in Miami.

13. San Francisco 49ers: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

This team still needs a Right tackle and I am unchanged on believing that Trent Williams will be that guy for them next year.

I also could see them going CJ Spiller here but believe that they will grab a Right tackle to open the holes for Frank Gore. A good Tackle can be the centerpiece of your line for the next 5-10 years an even though they are hit or miss on being pro-bowlers if you hit your team is set and I believe Williams will be a good hit.

(Feb 8) A good offensive tackle would do wonders for the running game; Frank Gore would benefit dramatically from someone helping to open holes for him at the line. This would also help the quarterback get a little more time to throw it to Crabtree.

14. Seattle Seahawks: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

They grabbed their Franchise quarterback with the top pick now they will grab the guy who will protect him with Davis. Davis combine made him slide a bit in my rankings but he is still a mid first round talent and Carrol.

Look for this pick to be an OT.

(Feb 8)Bruce Campbell, OT, MarylandWhat a great draft for Pete Carroll: He gets his Franchise QB with his first pick, and now he gets a beast of an offensive tackle with his second pick.

He learned how to build a team while at USC and knows that you have to have a QB and a solid OT to protect him.

15. New York Giants: Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama

Most people will doubt me that McClain can drop this far but inside linebackers usually fall farther than expected on draft day. McClain is a great talent and will have the Coaches in NY gushing over his talent.

(Feb 8)Earl Thomas, S, Texas He has some durability issues, but other than that, this is a guy that anyone would love to see in their defensive backfield.

The Giants are in need of a punishing force at DB. Even though this is a very cliche pick on many mock drafts I have looked at, I believe that this is the right choice.

16. Tennessee Titans: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/LB, South Florida

With no successor to Haynesworth on this roster an with the departure of Kyle Vanden Bosch this team needs a DE who can get to the QB an I believe they found there guy Pierre-Paul.

(Feb 8)Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee Dan Williams is another player that had a great Senior Bowl and saw his stock rise. The Titans need to see their interior line become dominant again, and Dan Williams could help fill the void that was left when Haynesworth traded in his Titans jersey for a Redskins one.

17. San Francisco 49ers: Taylor Mays, S, USC

Mike Singletary is very high on this guy. If he can learn to defend his players instead of just playing for the big hits he can be a great Safety in this league. It only takes 1 coach to fall in love with a player for him to jump talent better than him like Earl Thomas out of Texas.

(Feb 8) Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/LB, South Florida Pierre-Paul is a freak of a pass rushing DE. He has a knack for getting to the QB and will continue to do this in the pros. The 49ers will fall for a player that can line up at DE or LB and punish the QB.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Iupati, G, Iowa

The Steelers grab the best Guard prospect in the draft. Jerry Jones in Dallas is having a hissy fit because this was supposed to be his pick. The Steelers need inside help an Iupati will help Mendenhall become the runner he is suppose to be after the team dropped Willie Parker.

(Feb 8) Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa The Steelers look for bulky run blockers for their line and would be happy with a few different tackles in this draft. He won't be a LT in the pros, but could transition to RT very easy.

19. Atlanta Falcons: Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri

Weatherspoon will be the vocal leader this team needs on Defense. He shined at the Senior bowl and his stock is still rising.

(Feb 8)C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson Atlanta went downhill last year when both Matt Ryan and Michael Turner were injured. Spiller would be a great backup to Turner and would be a nice change-of-pace back.

Atlanta could also look at a WR, since they really only have White and Gonzo.

20. Houston Texans: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

For a team that is looking for a running back that will hold onto the ball they find a very reliable top rated HB at number 20. How does this fall into there lap no one knows. But Houston takes the offensive steal of the draft at number 20.

(Feb 8)Brian Price, DT, UCLA The Texans will look for a game changer on defense. Just think of having to prepare on Sunday for a defensive line with both Mario Williams and Brian Price, along with Brian Cushing at linebacker. This defense could be very punishing for years to come.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

Until the Bengals sign Terrell Owens I will keep this as my pick this team needs someone to line up opposite of OchoCinco and be his predecessor soon. An even though I dont think Ocho and Owens can play on the field together it would be entertaining.

(Feb 8)Carson Palmer likes to have weapons at his disposal, and Golden Tate is a huge stretch above the other two WR's that I have projected after him.

Yet I see him as a Percy Harvin type player and he will help out not only in the receiving game, but also returning kicks and punts for Cincy next fall.

22. New England Patriots: Brian Price, DT, UCLA

With the absence of Seymour showed this team needs help up front an with Brian Price falling to them they gain that presence up front that has been missing they will debate Graham but in the end Price who might fall to them is a better pick.

(Feb 8)Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan Brandon Graham is everything that Bill looks for in a kid. He showed off his love for the game of football by staying at Michigan last year to get better and try to make U of M better. Also, he was one of the most explosive players that showed up at the Senior Bowl.

23. Green Bay Packers: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

The second CB is off the board and it is Kyle Wilson some pundits where hoping that he stuck around to the 2nd round but Green Bay needs a Cornerback with their aging ones that they have now. They can help teach Wilson the game and groom him for the future.

(Feb 8)Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan With Charles Woodson not getting any younger, this is the time to break in a new CB while he can mentor under a former U of M great and one of the best cover corners in the league.

This is one of the best picks that will be made in the first round of the draft.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Earl Thomas, S, Texas

Happily taking Earl Thomas this tram needs a strong defender in the secondary an they would love to have Earl Thomas over Taylor Mays. Thomas can at least cover ppl an doesn't give up the big plays that Mays is suspect to.

(Feb 8) Taylor Mays, S, USC The Eagles draft speed, and Mays will tear up the Combine with his freakish athletic ability. He has the height, speed, and hitting power that coaches fall in love with.

The big knocks against him are that he sometimes loses his concentration in coverage and that he isn't a good wrap-up player. He looks for the big hit before the safe play and will get burned many times in the pros because of this.

But on the plus side, teams will love the idea of the huge hits and the height that this guy possesses.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

Just putting more and more targets for Flacco to throw to is a great idea. Flacco is very talented but before this coming season he has only had aging veterans has-beens as his receivers and tight-ends. With Boldin and now Gresham as two more targets for him look for Flacco to put up some great numbers.

(Feb 8)  Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois What did the Ravens lack most this year?

A wide-out threat that is taller than 6'0".

Benn, at 6'2", is a big target for the youngster Flacco to hit. Flacco has it all in Baltimore except for some receivers to throw to. As soon as they get WR's, this team will be great.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

After losing Darby in Free Agency this team is going to be looking for a good defensive player Kindle can either play Linebacker or Defensive End an showed his skills during the National Championship game look for him to be Arizona's new face on Defense.

(Feb 8) Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma With Kurt Warner not around anymore and Leinart taking over the reins, this team will need a dump off TE to help out Leinart when he gets into trouble.

It will also help the running game with a good blocking tight end on the field who can take down his man, get down the field, and get open.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida

With Iupati taken earlier in the Round Jerry Jones needs to still solve his Offensive Guard position and he will with Maurkice Pouncey whose stock has been rising as of recently. A guy that can play Guard or move to center is a big bonus for the Cowboys.

(Feb 8)  Mike Iupati, G, Iowa Dallas loves big offensive guards and with Iupati, this team has upgraded not only its running game, but also will give Romo a few more seconds to stay in the pocket.

28. San Diego Chargers: Ryan Mathews, RB,  Fresno State

I don't think Sproles can carry the load an some people are not convinced that Best can carry a load either. A good back getting a lot of exposure as of recently is Ryan Matthews and I believe he is the Running back of the future for the chargers.

(Feb 8) Jahvid Best, RB, California LT might not be around next year and San Diego must now start to think about their running game.

Sproles is not an every down back but if used correctly in a running back by committee setting, he could do really well.

I think that with Best, this team might not have a slip off at running back like some people expect.

29. New York Jets: Everson Griffen, DE, USC

The Jets need a Defender who can apply pressure of the Quarterback an that is exactly what Everson can do. The Jets will either look for a Defensive End with the first pick or for a Wide-receiver I believe they will go the Defensive route.

(Feb 8) Damian Williams, WR, USC Although the Braylon trade was great for the Jets, they need to have another WR to help develop Sanchez. This would be great news for the Jets offense, which already has a potent running game and defense.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Nate Allen, FS, South Florida

Helping out the secondary would be great idea for this team. To put an extra spy on Greg Jennings and Calivin Johnson is never a bad thing to do.

(Feb 8)  Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State Griffin is a below average CB who can't keep up with top flight receivers anymore. For a team that needs to defend Calvin and Greg Jennings two times a year, this would be a smart pick. He showed great stuff at the Senior Bowl and coaches loved what he brought.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

The Colts need secondary help more now. They have cut Marlin Jackson an really need help at the CB position. Patrick Robinson would once again make this team a respectable Secondary team.

(Feb 8)  Indianapolis had problems with the passing game, which was evident in the Super Bowl. Granted Marlin Jackson was injured and did not play, but this is a team that could use a premier CB to play along with Hayden and Jackson next year.

32. New Orleans Saints: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

The rich always seem to get richer and Graham can jump into the starting lineup where Grant used to play immediately. He should be an exciting player to watch with his relentless pursuit of the QB

(Feb 8)  Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri

Congrats to New Orleans for winning the Super Bowl.

Second, this team needs very few pieces. There is talk that Sharper won't be back next year, but I believe a great LB to play alongside Vilma would do this team good and help with the pass defense in the middle.


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