Hey MLB! Bonds Can Still Play

Joshua AuCoinContributor IJuly 8, 2008

       I could prepare a whole list of teams that could use a guy that hit 28 home runs last season, but as soon as I say his name is Barry Bonds, everyone says he shouldn't come back. Granted, there's a lot of extra baggage that comes along with Barry Bonds, but he could really help out a couple of AL teams.

       A perfect match would be the Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore with a DH that can hit probably 10-15 home runs by the end of the season would help then tremendously. Money is no obstacle either, because Bonds has gone on record saying he would play for very little money, and give his entire salary to charity.

       With just a slight bit of tweaking to the outfield, Bonds could even help the Yankees or the Blue Jays compete with the Red Sox and Rays (it's weird to say that about Tampa). With New York, they could sit Cabrera, Damon at CF, Matsui in left, and Abreu in RF, then play Bonds at DH. For Toronto, alternate Stairs and Lind at left, and keep Wells and Rios at CF and RF respectively, then Bonds at DH.

       Normally I'm not a man that defends Barry in any way, but in this case, it's clear, he could help a number of teams have a shot at post season play. So give the guy a chance, just do it MLB.