"Hollywood Rhodes Rips Rex Ryan Ravens Jets!"

Keith BennettCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2010

 Kerry Rhodes blasted the Jets' coaches for not featuring him in the defense, suggesting they gave preferential treatment to former to former Ravens who were signed by Rex Ryan. Sound like Ryan said you play Raven ball or you gone. He also accused the Jets of a smear falsehoods about his commitment to football. "To hear that stuff kind of bothers me, but I never let be Known until now," Rhodes, who lost his starting job for two weeks after failing to make a single big play in the first 10 games, said he didn't get a chance to thrive because the schemes were designed for the ex-Ravens. He was alluding to Jets players Jim Leonhard and Bart Scott. It must work the Jets defense was number 1. The Ravens defense was tops for years. Rholdes, nicknamed "Hollywood," became unpopular in the locker room because many players sought the spotlight. He really wanted be a movie star. But never backed it up on the field. Until they benched him Rhodes he step his game. I will miss Hollywood not the Jets.