Should Free Agency Period Be Moved After NFL Draft?

James KeenContributor IIMarch 10, 2010

Should free agency be moved after the draft? I would like to know everyone's opinion on this. I personally would like to see them switched. To me it makes more sense to use free agency to fill in the holes that you failed to fill in the draft. This would also more than likely cut down the large free agent contracts. When player's see that teams are filling their needs they'll be more than likely to take a smaller amount of money to be sure they get a roster spot somewhere.

Also some player's would be less likely to demand to be released. Who would want to be released knowing that teams will have to go through the draft before they get the opportunity to be signed by another team? For example: Scott Fujita signed a deal with the Cleveland Browns for $14 million over 3 years including $8 million in guaranteed money. Are you telling me they can't find someone in the 3rd round or lower of that caliber or better to fill that need for less money and for longer? They probably could. But there is no guarantee that they will. So they had to sign someone now.

It would be better if a team like Cleveland could try and draft a guy that they wanted and if they couldn't get him then try the free agency market after the draft. Unless it's a young and proven athlete, it's just not worth it. Fujita has missed 8 games in the last 3 years and hasn't recorded more than 76 tackles since 2007. His career high was 98 tackles in 2003. The Saint's are trying to upgrade their defense. That's why they let him walk away. So why would a team want to spend the money on a player who will be 31 before the season starts and has a list of injury problems, before they get to the draft? They almost have to with the way the offseason schedule plays out.

All I am saying is that it make's much more sense for teams to draft first then fill in the holes through free agency. I believe that it will help cut down some of these rediculous free agent contracts, along with many other benefits. What do you guys think?