The View From Seat 113: Getting Started

Jerry Burnes@@JerryBurnesAnalyst IJuly 8, 2008

Welcome to The View From Seat 113!

This will be my column currently featured solely on Bleacher Report. In it, I will be discussing a variety of sports topics and taking my own unique angle on them, most of the time at least.

And for those wondering, the name of the column comes from the famed "Bartman Seat" as seen in the picture above. What better angle to view sports than from one of the most hated seats in sports history?

I'm very excited about writing this column and giving Bleacher Report something that will hopefully be different, or that at least causes a large amount of discussion on the site.

For the better part of seven years now I have been writing for some type of newspaper outlet, mostly local. It may not sound like a lot, but at age 21, it's been a good portion of my life.

I originally came to Bleacher Report simply to hone in on some skills to prep myself for my new sports writer spot at Northern Illinois University and the Northern Star.

The way I saw it was I could simply write what I wanted and keep myself fresh. But what started as a summer cure for boredom and an excuse to actually write, has turned into a near addiction for me.

So I am very anxious to get this column off the ground. Start writing, flinging my opinions like the monkeys at the zoo, and causing hopefully a lot of you to argue, agree, or (as many did with my Joba Chamberlain article) call me an idiot.

It's all welcome here.

I hope you enjoy the columns. I know I will be looking forward to your comments and criticisms.

Thanks in advance.