Nomar Retires a Red Sock, Will He Wear The Cap Forever In The Hall?

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Nomar Retires a Red Sock, Will He Wear The Cap Forever In The Hall?
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First of all let me applaud the Red Sox on showing a lot of class in resigning Nomar and allowing him to retire wearing the jersey that so many fans will remember him in. Now the debate starts, is Nomar Hall of Fame worthy? When a friend of mine first asked me this question my immediate response was yes, however after actually looking at his career numbers and awards I had to second guess myself. Nomars Career Numbers look like this

Batting Average: .313

HR: 229

RBI: 936


Slg: .521

OBP: .361

Nomar came into the league like a house-a-fire finishing 8th in MVP voting while snagging the Rookie of the Year award in 1997. From about  '97- '03 Nomar was arguably the best hitting SS in the Major Leagues (excluding a season shortening injury in '01) finishing in the top 10 of MVP voting in all those years except for '01.

Based on the numbers he put up in these seasons I would have said he was a surefire bet for the Hall, but then he went to the Cubs, and for lack of a better word he kinda died. Since going to the Cubs and later to the Dodgers Nomar has not played an entire season of baseball, in fact since that time he has only eclipsed 100 games played one time. On top of all of his injury plagued seasons, Nomar has never won a gold glove, granted he played in the same league as the likes of Derek Jeter, Omar Vizquel, and A-Rod, and he was never a terrible fielder but you just didn't see the wow on defense that you see from other defensive masters that are already in the Hall.

So if Nomar can't get into the Hall of Fame with his glove, and his stats aren't exactly mind blowing does he really deserve to be in the Hall? My main argument for Nomar getting in is that to my knowledge, players get into the Hall of Fame based on them being one of the best players at their position of their generation. When I think of Ninety's shortstops Nomar is definately on my top 3 list, I just don't know if based on the fact that he couldn't maintain his health in his later years if he will ever be able to make the Hall of Fame based on his small body of work. Only time will tell.  Let me know what you think.

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