Cavs Are Really Good! No Lebron, No Antawn, and No Shaq..Game Recap!

Christian EwersContributor IMarch 10, 2010

Recently the Cleveland Cavaliers faced San Antonio Spurs on March 8, 2010.

Who was all out? LeBron James, Antawn Jamison And Shaquille O'Neal

The Cleveland Cavaliers did not need those three players to beat the San Antonio Spurs. Delonte West was the star of the game and four players on the cavs with double digit points. The other day when they faced the Milwaukee Bucks, Mo Williams did not do to good. A day later when they faced the San Antonio Spurs, Mo Williams had 17pts, 8 ast, and 8 rebounds! San Antonio Spurs were nearly up the whole time but then in the 4th Qtr. the cavs got ahead after Delonte West's fadeaway jumper. Manu Ginobili went up for a triple to tie the game but when he stepped back to take the shot his left foot was on the line, so it counted for two. Then Anderson Varejao got fouled and he made both free throws. With 6.9 seconds left and San Antonio Spurs are down five but then the next thing you know Manu Ginobili passed it to Roger Mason, he shot it from behind the ark but could not knock it down. Finally with 2.7 seconds left Manu Ginobili ran it down the court shot it from like 10 ft. behind the three point line and made it, but the score turns out to be 97-95 and Cleveland Cavaliers win it!