What Went Wrong With Legacy?

John PaprikaContributor IJanuary 1, 2017

Recently we have seen the split of what was once a very promising stable in The Legacy. It all but certainly appears that at WM 26 we will either see Randy Orton vs Rhodes & Dibiase or Orton and Dibiase one-on-one. Having seen this unfold, I can't help but think that Legacy could've been so much more and has left plenty of unfulfilled potential.

Legacy started out so promisingly. Orton had returned from injury and continuously berated both Rhodes and Dibiase, who like him when he started were young, talented, arrogant and brash, with loads of potential. However they lacked the guidance needed to realise this potential. It was a perfect fit. Orton was without a doubt the top heel of the company, who through his own experiences with Evolution would help these two become future main eventers.

The group continued to build momentum. Rhodes and Dibiase helped Orton win the Royal Rumble and helped put Orton back in the title hunt. Orton became even more powerful. He single handedly took out the McMahon family and kept his job in storyline through legal loopholes. This made us hate Orton even more. He eventually won the wwe title from HHH at Backlash. It looked certain that Legacy was going to be a force for a long time.

However, we would then see Orton losing the title and then regaining it nearly every PPV. In addition, Rhodes and Dibiase weren't breaking out on their own and going on to win titles, instead their single purpose was to keep the title on Orton. I feel that there are a number of reasons why Legacy failed as a powerhouse stable:

1. There needed to be more members in the group. I believe that a minimum of 4 is necessary for a powerful and imposing stable. However, I believe that the group was never able to expand due to the lack of worthy multi generation talent. While the concept of a multi generation stable was a great idea, it also limited who could be recruited in the group. If you look at the multi gen superstars outside of the group, none screamed out future main eventer. Guys like Chavo, Carlito, Primo and DH Smith are never gonna be main eventers. Smith would've been good for muscle but in my opinion he isn't a future main eventer. The purpose of a stable is to create future main eventers through guidance of the leader, who is one of the top guys in the company. 

2. Most of the time, the group was helping Orton retain the title and not achieving success in their own right. I'm not saying that the group shouldn't have helped Orton keep the title. I'm saying that Dibiase and Rhodes should've grown and achieved success in their own right as well. Having them win the tag titles along with Orton holding the wwe title would make the group imposing. Success doesn't only mean winning titles. The two should've picked up wins over credible opponents and have undercard matches in PPVs against quality opponents. If they were serious about pushing Dibiase, why not make him a double champ i.e. tag and US champ. Have him and Cody in singles matches with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Kofi at PPVs. To me the only real successful win those two had at a PPV was their win over DX at Breaking Point. However, creative team failed to capitalise on this.

3. Neither Cody or Ted ever proved to be a threat to Orton's success. It would've been great if if one or the other were becoming stars and making Orton jealous. This was done successfully when Orton won the title from Benoit at Summerslam after HHH failed on numerous attempts after losing the title to him, subsequently cauisng HHH to kick him out of Evolution. One of two things should've happened. 1. Cody or Ted breaks out while in the group and achieves success in their own right, winning singles titles and picking up important wins. Orton feels threatened for his title and kicks the person out of the group and citing false reasons like they weren't looking out for the interests of the group. 2. This is done rarely in a stable but either Cody and Ted usurping Orton's position as leader and eventually kicking him out of the group and taking over as leader. They could've done it where one of them begins making decisions without Orton's knowledge or approval. Orton eventually loses his title and that person begins to say that Orton is weak and should be kicked out of the group, setting his deposition as leader.

4. The group needed to be more intimidating and invincible. They should've carried out more brutal attacks on rivals and injure them, like the four horsemen were doing in the 80's. While the group did this with The McMahons and on Batista when they injured his arm, there needed to be more of this on a regular basis. When Kofi was feuding with Orton, the group needed to assert themselves and show that Kofi shouldn't have screwed with Orton's title match by repeated brutal and humiliating gang attacks as well as taking out Kofi's allies in MVP and Henry showing that he had nowhere to go and make his life a living nightmare. Instead, Kofi kept getting the better of Orton and making him look weak. I concede that WWE's PG rating wouldn't have helped this happen.

These are my opinions. Feel free to comment or critique them.