Its not an Upset to real MMA fans: Griffin's skill sets outshines the champ

James DuryeaContributor IJuly 8, 2008

NO one want the fight to go to the judges- NO One. Not the Fans, Not the Fighters, not the organization-NO One want the fight to go the full 3 rounds. We want a knock out, we want a tap out. We want a FINISH. That's what makes MMA exciting. The quick finish. That any thing can happen at any time. When it goes the full 3 or five, no matter how good the fight- people are up[set-With the exception of when Forrest griffin goes the full 5 or 3. Then you get your money's worth. From the TUF 1 finale to this Saturday- Forrest puts it all out there. PERIOD.

Some people think it Racist that Rampage lost- that's complete BS. Skill and preperation are the only things a fighter can be judge on, not skin color. In the countdown episode, it was mostly about Rampage, and he was the odd's on favorite to win. Replay that fight for any true fan, and based on the rules of the octagon, Forrest won the fight. Yes, when Rampage landed, he hurt Forrest, But Forrest didn't stick around to get hit. Forest stuck and moved, and showed a superior MMA Game over the vicious Rampage.

Keep your panties on, Rampage fans, You know a rematch is coming, but Rampage won't be an answer for the fighting skill set that Forrest brings to the octagon. He got hit with Rampages best stuff, his best fight, and keep putting the pressure on the former champ. He absorbed Rampage's heavy shots, and dished out leg kicks that won the fight. Leaving the ex-champ limping out the ring, and re thinking his game plan in his fights to come.

What we saw last Saturday was skill, and speed over power, and brutality. Rampage will be a contender for many years to come, but it is time for the TUF guy to shine for a while. The haters will ALWAYS be haters, people, because they don't live their dreams.