NCAA Power Rankings: Top 10 Athletic Quarterbacks in 2010

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NCAA Power Rankings: Top 10 Athletic Quarterbacks in 2010

Being athletic is one of the biggest requirements when it comes to playing any organized sports. As the level of difficulty rises, those that lack athleticism eventually get weeded out of the game and are forced to watch from the sidelines (or on the couch).

At the college level, almost every single player that takes the field is close to the top in terms of athleticism. Without noticeable talent, these athletes wouldn’t have found their way onto a practice field let alone taking a snap at game time.

But with that said, what separates the cream of the crop from those players just bidding their time before their eligibility runs its course?

At the quarterback position, being athletic can be a mutation of a variety of skill sets.

Speed alone may classify a player as athletic on certain fields, but as a quarterback, velocity can only get a player so far.

A quarterback needs to have arm strength, accuracy, the ability to read defenses, and if they can add speed on top then they are definitely working their way towards the head of the class.

But the lack of any one of these qualities above doesn’t necessarily mean that a player is less athletic. A quarterback without noticeable speed may make up for it with other talents that he possesses.

As long as a quarterback has these qualities and can consistently come out of games as the victor, he should be considered to be one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the game.

However, since a quarterback’s athleticism is often defined as the ability to be elusive in the pocket, to throw the ball with some pop, and most importantly flex that brain muscle to make the correct reads under pressure, here is my list of The Most Athletic Quarterbacks in College Football for 2010.

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