Week 10 NFL Picks

Marcus WycheCorrespondent INovember 9, 2007

http://assets.espn.go.com/photo/2006/0908/nfl_u_leinart_warner_275.jpg Ok everyone, I know I am a day late, but here are the late game picks.

Bengals v. Ravens: What can I say, a crappy offense versus a crappy defense. It's a real shame how the Bengals can never seem to put it all together. Combine that with what happened to Chad Johnson, and you have the Bengals 2007 season. Johnson is really having a tough year. I have never seen him drop so many passes. On the other hand, I have never seen a quarterback with so many pass attempts, but averaging only 7.5 yards per completion. The one thing the Ravens can do is run the ball, but they seem happier airing it out with an aging Steve McNair, but he can not do it anymore. No wonder Ravens fans want Kyle Boller back. I pick the Ravens, but only because they are home.

Detroit v. Arizona:  If I was a quarterback in the NFL, I would not want to play for the Cards. Quarterbacks seem to get hurt a lot in Arizona. I wonder if Edgerrin James is regretting signing there. The Lions are on a roll and may prove Jon Kitna a prophet. Their defense is improving; combined with their aerial attack, the Lions become a balanced team. I pick the Lions.

Dallas v. NY Giants: I like the way the Giants defense has looked lately. The offense has been putting points on the board, but who have they beat. No one! The Cowboys looked good until they played the Patriots, but no one looks good against them. When you look at who the Cowboys beat, they really have not played anyone worthwhile. Yes, they beat the Giants in the first game of the season, but that is it. I take the 'Boys in a tight game.

Chicago v. Oakland: Does anyone really care about this game? The Raiders have no clue what they are doing and the Bears need offensive help, badly! I pick the Bears. They can't be that bad.

Indianapolis v. San Diego: Who knew firing a coach would have such an adverse effect on a team. Since Marty left, the Chargers are looking more like pretenders than contenders. So sad. The Colts should bounce back nicely from the loss to the Patriots and I just do not see why they would lose to the Chargers. Colts win easily.

Monday night's game should be interesting. SF v. Seattle: I don't know who I am more disppointed in, the Niners or the Hawks. Neither team has lived up to the hype of last season. And both running backs look like crap. I give Frank Gore a minor pass because he is nicked up, but Shaun Alexander has not impressed anyone. He runs like he's afraid to get hit, and he's a big boy. Since the game is in Seattle, I will take the Seahawks.

For those of you with fantasy issuses, join the club.  Frank Gore, Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson, Larry Johnson, and Steven Jackson. All were fantasy studs last year, but are fantasy duds this year.  Could someone explain to me what happened? I know about the injuries, but when you look at their stats for the games they did play in, they were non-factors.  Oh well, better luck next year!