Why Not William & Mary??

Dean PriceContributor IMarch 9, 2010

The William & Mary Tribe basketball team is not well known around the country. Its most likely known as one of the five Division I teams to never have played in the NCAA tournament. This year however I think it should be different. 

The Tribe have a record of 22-10 this year. This may not sound overly impressive being that William & Mary is a mid-major in the CAA. But if you look deeper into that 22-10 record you will be quite surprise I think. 

First this team has an non-conference record of 8-3. This includes outstanding wins at ACC powers Maryland and Wake Forest and an win at home against tournament bound Richmond. They also played they way to the CAA championship game were they lost to tournament bound Old Dominion, a team that many say was in the tournament win or lose in the championship game. 

My question is how can Illinois be in according to Joe Lundari's Bracketology. This is a team that is 18-13 with a weaker RPI than William & Mary. They didn't show for half of there biggest games. They lost to Ohio State 72-53 and 73-57 and lost to Michigan State 73-63. They do have good wins against Michigan State and at Wisconsin. And then there is Arizona State from the horrible Pac-10 Conference. They have beaten one tournament team all season and that is San Diego State and they are a bubble team at best. They have only played two teams that are for sure in, Duke and California, and they lost badly to these teams. They lost by 11 to Duke and 16 to California in there second meeting.

So I ask, Why not William & Mary? This is a team I believe that can shock some people if they are given the chance. I believe the fact that they are a Mid-Major is keeping them off everyone radar. Well remember the last time the CAA got an at-large, there name was George Mason.