“BRIDE” and “GROOM” Hockey Jerseys. How Cute.

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMarch 9, 2010

Doing some digital house-cleaning this week at the JoeSportsFan.com headquarters and came across this little nugget of personalized jersey goodness.


We’ve covered the phenomenon of “his/her personalized jerseys” in the past and this is, well, taking spousal game attire to another level.

One thing that REALLY surprises us: from the picture on the left, it looks like the couple got married in a traditional setting….and slapped on the jerseys at some point for a signature photo op.  Surprising.  Frankly, if you’re going to go through with the whole BRIDE/GROOM jersey investment, you might as well get married at a hockey game with 20,000 drunken, mulleted friends.

Although, we’re guessing that their traditional wedding setting may not have been much different.

One thing we would NOT surprise us: we’re guessing that the couple wore their respective jerseys at their bachelor/bachelorette parties.  Seems logical.  Our fan hunters didn’t send in frontal pictures, but we’re guessing that the GROOM jersey has a Captain “C” patch and his best man has a jersey with an Assistant Captain “A” patch.

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