Was Matt Ryan the Best Choice for the Falcons?

Smush HigginsAnalyst IJuly 8, 2008

Was Matt Ryan the right pick for the Atlanta Falcons?  The answer is absolutely not.

Matt Ryan stacked up some pretty awesome numbers at Boston College, which made their fans happy. I bet he was rather joyous as well.

In late April, I was at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City when Roger Goodell stepped to his podium and said: "With the third pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College".

I was in complete shock. Why not Glenn Dorsey? Why not trade the pick? I didn't know.

Mike Smith, the Falcons new head coach and a former coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is mainly known for bringing great DT's in to play for the Jags.  One of those being Marcus Stroud, who is now with the Buffalo Bills organization.

I thought Dorsey would fit perfectly in Atlanta. He would have brought more defensive help for the team and could've filled the spot of the recently released Rod Coleman. Atlanta could've gotten a quarterback in the second round like Brian Brohm or Chad Henne.

Atlanta actually packaged two of the three picks in the second round to move up to get Sam Baker, an Offensive Tackle from USC.  With that move, they passed on Phillip Merling, a Defensive End from Clemson.

I thought Baker would have been a definite 2nd round pick because of his poor performance at the combine.

Glenn Dorsey would have been perfect.