Brighton and Hove Albion: As They Say, The Sky's the Limit!

Sam RickmanContributor IMarch 9, 2010

Quite literally, Sky is the limit.

Last night saw Brighton and Hove Albion play Colchester United, at the Community Stadium (which happens to be a similar official name for Falmer) and it was shown live on Sky.

As tradition, I went to the best mate's house (also my fellow season ticket holder at Withdean) to watch the game, since I no longer have Sky, and we had the customary pizza.

However, before hand, something highlighted the general apathy of the Albion, and I know that my last article was highlighting this, so I won't give it much thought, but its still worthy of a mention.

ESPN was showing Liverpool vs Wigan, while Sky Sports One had the Albion game on.

Both children and teenagers alike had no idea we were playing!

I had to explain in my limited knowledge what, why, and who has made Brighton a lower league, "tin-pot" side.

However, what is more important is the game and something called "Late Kick Off."

Brighton played some fairly good football on what could be described as a dogs dinner of a pitch. The Community Stadium is notorious for having an appalling surface, and it shows.

As a game of football, I was left questioning Sky's choice of football, because the match was moved from the Saturday to the Monday for Sky coverage so the precious premier league wasn't losing coverage.

As a Brighton fan I was over-joyed to see us on T.V. Last time I saw us on T.V was the Johnston's Paint Trophy 1-1 draw (and subsequent penalty shoot out loss) against Luton Town last season.

Southampton away was shown on T.V this season, and was a fine game too, but we both decided about half an hour before the coaches pulled out, that we would go to it instead of watch it at home.

However, the pitch was awful, and the football was not a joy to behold. Sticky and grinding. All to often we had players not hitting their passes, sliding about or tripping over.

So as a football fan, much was left desired.

No goals either. Hardly fantastic. It was, however, nice to see the match I couldn't go and see because of a lack of money on T.V.

A quick note on a T.V show called "Late Kick Off" on BBC 1. I'd never heard of it, but last night they did a special report on Brighton's struggle to get Falmer.

I've realized now just how many teams we owe a debt of gratitude to for showing support right from the start of the Dark Days.

Those at Fans United, people as far flung as Madrid and Germany came. Fans of other teams who signed petitions, came on marches for Falmer. Even Crystal Palace fans were supportive of our plight to end the longest running public inquiry in to a stadium!

At Fans United, a special game where fans descended from all over the country to the Goldstone, for a game against Hartlepool, a poem was written on a blank sheet and hung at the ground.

It read:

Rovers are Red, BHA are Blue, The FA love 20 Clubs, But the Fans love all 92.

Something that I, and all fans of teams who have been in the lower leagues, who support the Brightons and the Stockports—who have their own money troubles and are not being helped by less than suitable administrators—will relate to and probably agree with.