Whats Next For Eagles WR Kevin Curtis?

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - 2009:  Kevin Curtis of the Philadelphia Eagles poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
NFL Photos/Getty Images

Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles shipped one of their veteran WR's Reggie Brown yesterday as we all already know to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 2011 draft pick. Not because he is at the 30+ stage in his life but because his production was minimal at best. So where does that leave the Eagles other veteran Kevin Curtis who's production also dimineshed after his first season with the Eagles, mainly due to injuries? My guess is it doesn't look good even though the Eagles Front Office hasn't even speculated he will be going anywhere in the immediate future.

The 5'11 186 pound product out of Utah State first made his name the same way Jason Avant is doing right now..in the middle of the field as a slot receiver and he flourished at that position for a few years with the Rams when they also had the likes of WR's Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. He was, at the time known for his superb hands, ankle breaking run routes and his blazing speed

Curtis came to town as Andy Reids answer to Terrell Owens after he went south with the team but  I don't think Andy fooled anybody but himself on that one. I know when I first found out the Eagles signed Curtis I wasn't "So long Owens, hello Curtis" and I'm sure fans across the nation probably were on the same page as me. However Curtis did come out guns blazing his first year as an Eagle becoming only the third WR is the Andy Reid era surpassing more than 1,000 yards in a single season. When the Eagles played the Lions in 2007 Curtis made sure other teams noticed him. Not because he put up ridiculous number in that game as far as yards are concerned but he ended that game with 3 touchdown catches.

Unfortuanelty in 2008 Curtis suffered a season ending Sports Hernia, an injury that many Eagles (McNabb/S.Brown/L.J.Smith) have suffered during their career's but Curtis to date has not fully recovered from. Only playing in 3 games in 2009 for some ugly totals.. totaling only 6 catches for 77 yards and no touchdowns, are the Eagles going to let another non-producer over the last couple of seasons remain on the squad. The Eagles may decide to keep him around another season to try and bolster his name then trade him in the 2011 offseason but in order for that to happen Curtis will need some big numbers in a very crowded WR core, well its a little less crowded now but it is still going to be tough for him to get playing time. He also has to show the Eagles and other teams around the league that he can still run, still be a CONSISTENT WR threat with his speed and hands but just how many opportunities is he going to have in the upcoming season.

I don't think the Eagles will get anything as far as a trade for Curtis and unless he can get on the field other teams may be extremely hesitant to spark a trade or even sign him if he were to be outright cut from the team.

Going into his 8th season in the NFL Curtis has some subpar number at best. In 79 games he has 252 receptions for 3,291 yards and 20 touchdowns...not bad but not great either. His longest reception was for 83 yards which I'm not sure what game it was in but I can't see it being against anyone else than the Detroit Lions.

Its a rocky road ahead for Curtis, his main priority is showing he no longer has any lasting effects from his Sports Hernia and if he does he could be a nice backup or situational WR and we'll all get a chance to see his re-developement in Training Camp. That is unless the Eagles decided to cut him before then. Stay tuned Philadelphia faithful, theres more to this story  but at this point in time I'm just guessing like everyone else. Keep the faith Philly!