How Far Can Seton Hall Go?

Chris FaigCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2010

Today is the start of the Big East Conference Championship.  Seton Hall is entering the Conference tournament with a Big East record of 9-9, and an overall record of 18-11.

Today they will match up against Providence at 7:00 PM ET, being shown on ESPNU. Providence, at 12-18 overall and just 4-14 in conference play, shouldn't really give the Pirates too much trouble.  

As long as Jeremy Hazell can control his shot selection, and Eugene Harvey continues to direct this offense in good fashion, then Seton Hall should walk through this game with ease.  

Herb Pope is another key factor in this game.  When Pope establishes position down low, he is a nightmare to stop because of his quickness and power.  In order for Seton Hall to go deep in the Conference Tournament Pope must attack the offensive boards constantly, hoping for second chance opportunities.

If the Pirates can ease their way through Providence Friars today like expected, then they will be taking on Notre Dame on March 10th, at 7:00 PM ET, airing on ESPN.  The Hall have already beaten Notre Dame this year, so if they can fend them off just one more time, then the Pirates will move on to the third round to face Pittsburgh.

To be noticed by the NCAA Committee, Seton Hall must win 2 games in the Big East Conference Tournament, at the very least.  If they can squeeze out a third win then they will definitely earn a spot in the field of 65. 

Seton Hall is extremely fortunate to potentially face three teams that they have already beaten.  If the Pirates can continue to do what they have done this whole season, ( aggressiveness, constant pressure on the ball, setting a fast pace offense), then Seton Hall should find themselves in all of the madness of March.