$TNA$: Wait Before You Buy The Stock

The PhantomCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2010


Before you run to the bank and cash your check to buy TNA's stock, read the words from the title of this article. The key word is not TNA, it is WAIT.

On Monday we saw the first shots fired in the Monday Night Wars II. In much hype it seems as if TNA has emerged as the winner of the first bout, in terms of surprises and overall success.

Indeed they did impress with a solid opening and buildup towards the main event of the evening rather than the some what chaotic flow we have seen with booking with past episodes.

However my problem with TNA is not their ability to put on great shows, it is what they do afterwards and building on the foundation of having a good week.

I feel with the good review of Monday's show a lot of fans will overate the status of TNA and the level it is at when compared not just to the WWE and Raw, but the programing on Monday nights itself.


My biggest worry when preparing to fully by stock in TNA, is the knack they have for tearing down the foundation they built and going in a new direction far to often.

We seen on January 4th all the hype and fanfare Hulk Hogan brought to the company, with several big name editions highlighted with the semi return of Jeff Hardy. But in the following weeks we seen that movement die down and decrease when the company headed back to Thursday's Nights.

Although it would seem as if TNA has made great leaps and bounds since January 4th, when you begin to look on paper they really have not down that much since then.

And that is what bothers me about this past show. To many times TNA has put on a hell of a show only to comeback the next week and have fans a little disappointed. If you don't beleive me, than go back and look at some of the articles that a lot of you guys wrote following the first Monday show in January. 

Some times it feels as if TNA takes 2 steps forward only to take 2 to 3 steps back.  The ratings also proved this when they dip back down following a good showing in January.

Although the move to Mondays is permanent, they can not afford to have the bad weeks when competing on Monday's with Raw and the other entertainment provided on Monday night television.

Having useless promos and odd match pairings would hurt TNA far greater on Mondays than RAW and its sometimes bad guest host promos it has. Let's not forget Raw has a huge die heart fan base and TNA is trying to work itself into that huge fan base category and is still new to Mondays.

In the end TNA can produce dozens of individual hard hitting and explosive shows, but it means nothing if they follow up the show with dull storylines and matches the following weeks.

If TNA continues its trends of brilliant shows follow by strings of bad ones this move to Monday will be short lived and one that comes to bite the company where the sun don’t shine. If this does happen you can expect TNA to be engulfed by Raw and other Monday night programming in the weeks and months to come.

TNA put on a exciting show Monday, but like the title said I would wait to see what they produce the following weeks before calling the investors and fully buying what TNA is selling.


So what do you think of TNA in its Monday night debut? What are your thoughts on ways TNA can continue the booking we saw Monday?

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