Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Joel DanielsContributor IMarch 9, 2010

First off, I'm currently mourning the death of RKO's heel persona. Although I am still very much an Ortonite, it's sad to see the persona I love die.

Secondly, I want you to take a GOOD look at the photo. Pretend that you don't know about Legacy (and if you really don't I suggest you do this activity and THEN go watch WWE). Now I want you to voice your thoughts about what you see when you look at the  three men in the picture. I for one see three guys you shouldn't mess with, the middle guy probably being  the focal point, and they're all hot.


That aside... Legacy. Yes. I watched Raw - and by now you all know I didn't watch the ENTIRE show - and of course paid close attention to Randy's handicap match against his Legacy cohorts.


Before I even get started on that... show of hands who else has lost interest in this feud. *puts hand up*


Taking a stroll down memory lane I realized that at the beginning everyone thought this group was going to rein in gold and rule over RAW. Now while Cody and Ted were henchmen to help their leader keep and get his title -as all factions are really based on - they had a feud of their own against the Colons. The Bash 2009 came along and it was a shoe in win for Legacy. FINALLY the entire group was coming on Raw with gold.


Nope. Didn't happen. NOC came along. Once again Legacy was left to bask in the light emitting from their leader's shiny gold belt while they had nothing to show for their famed "dominance". And from there it was just down, down, down.


Now why I've brought you all back so far is really to give you a hint as to what I'm going to be saying here. If you don't get it, let me spell it out: Randy vs Legacy should NEVER have happened. It's too soon.


Admittedly, I loved the start of this whole break down. With Cody costing Randy the win at RR, and even before that when Randy tested his group... I was intrigued. However, in truth what kept me with this brewing feud was just that - it was a brewing feud. It was a slow, build-up to an inevitable break down. Was. 

Now The Legacy's spilt has been fast-forwarded and is currently being driven to the point of insignificant.


Back to the current events, RAW has passed you by and you saw RKO beaten by his Legacy members. Apparently the taunts they made at RKO's stance was supposed to be a heel tactic that would garner their credibility - - BULL! Legacy winning does NOTHING for anyone. The crowd - much like myself - was utterly bored. As much as I love Cody... he and Ted really exact nothing from me and I find myself hating them for all the wrong reasons to the point where I don't care anymore.

I don't care if they win. I don't care if they lose. As long as it doesn't affect Randy - I don't care. Hell, even if their inadequacy costs RKO a victory... all he has to do is punt them both and we'd never see them again, so let me re-phase that last comment: Even if they cost Randy a win I don't care about them at all.

The problems with this feud have now mounted so high I can't even see the top:

There is NO back story behind this feud aside from RR 2010. Both members have ZERO credibility, and are nowhere NEAR Orton's caliber to be seen as a threat. In truth they work well as a team, but because WWE decided it would be better to give the tag titles to make shift teams and decrepit men ( DX), they have nothing to show for it.

And above all else.... WM is the compilation of 12 months. It is the pinnacle of an entire YEAR. This tiff that Legacy's got going on only REALLY started a mere two months ago. That's not even long enough to make it to a PPV!


Now with this victory for Legacy, and subsequent exile from Orton, the team I thought would be holding gold, dominating the flagship, and being guys NO ONE would dare go up against is gone. And not only do NONE of it's former members have anything to show, the two younger guys are less credible than when they were working as Orton's henchmen. To add insult to injury, the Legacy was only around for a mere twelve months (I'm not counting January 2010 because to me they broke up then) and this entire feud has cost us a man bred to be the best heel and he's now having to engage in MORE meaningless confrontations.

In all, what I find really depressing is the fact that this feud is shaping up to be the biggest let down, and I for one see no way in which we can go back and fix it. Or even just go back to the way things were and start from scratch. It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place: You want to fix it, but no matter what you do the outcome's not gonna change.

In this case IF WWE decided to somehow fix this mess they're creating Cody and Ted would STILL not be credible, and if they decide to let things stay the way they are then Cody and Ted are STILL not going to be credible. It's a lose-lose, only difference is that they have a variety of ways to utterly diminish Legacy's potential (Cody stands to lose more because he lacks the muscular build that DiBiase is fortunate to have).

At the start I was mourning the loss of Orton's heel character, but I'm shedding some tears for what WWE has done to what could have and should have been the greatest stable since Evolution.