Former Players, Xavier Fans, Upset Over A10 POY Snub

Shaun KriegerContributor IMarch 9, 2010

When the Atlantic 10 Conference awards came out earlier this week there was just one name missing from the top,  Jordan Crawford. Kevin Anderson upset the leading scorer to take the Atlantic Player of the Year.

Former Xavier player, Stanley Burrell was very upset and compared it to two years ago when there wasn't a single Xavier player on the 1st team even though they won the conference title. He commented on his facebook account saying that the A10 teams are jealous of Xavier and didnt want to give Xavier their due. He also tagged his press conference from two years ago where he showed his emotion about his teammates being snubbed and titled the tag "History Repeats Itself"

Let me tell you the Xavier message boards are much of the same but they feel this slight could lead to a deep run in the NCAA tournament.

What does Jordan Crawford say about all this? He just wants everyone to calm down and focus on the two tournaments ahead.

The stats back this argument up ten fold.

Player: Crawford vs Anderson
Minutes: 31.8/36.7
Points: 19.7/17.8
20+pt: 15/12
-10pt: 1/3
Rebounds: 4.7/3.4
Assists: 3.0/2.7
Turnovers: 72/74
FG%: .456/.463
FT% .775/.835
3pt%: .399/.340
Steals: 39/56
Here is the A-10 breakdown
Player: Crawford vs Anderson
Minutes: 32.5/36.8
Points: 20.2/17.1
FG% .467/.446
FT%: .833/.855
3pt%: .416/.323
20+pt: 9/6
-10 pt: 0/3
Rebounds: 4.8/2.9
Assists: 50/43
Turnovers: 50/32
Steals: 23/21