SPOILER ALERT: Kofi Kingston and MITB

John PaprikaContributor IMarch 8, 2010

On the latest episode of RAW, Evan Bourne defeated William Real to qualify for the last spot in the MITB ladder match at WM 26. While I wanted to see Bourne in the match, I have to call into question why Kofi Kingston has not been given a spot in the match.

Having a look at the line up for the match, I believe that while it contains some exciting superstars, it is a weak line up in terms of contenders to win. I believe that christian is the only superstar who could go on to win a world title within the year. Most of the others, while they have potential, aren't world title material yet and haven't had the push or build up to do so.

Before the participants were announced, I was certain that the winner would either be chrisitan, kofi or morrison. Two of the three aren't even in the match. It amazes me how kofi isnt in the match.

He is one of the few younger mid level guys to have been given a good push in recent times. He feuded with the likes of Randy Orton last year and had wins over him, CM Punk and The Big Show. He was one of very few without a world title that I could see winning it within this year and the near future. He was also without a doubt the best performer in last year's match and one of the few bright lights from a poor MITB match.

It looks like the MITB will most likely go to Christian, making the match almost very predictable. Very surprised that Kofi and Morrison weren't slected as participants, given that they are tow of the most promising younger guys in the WWE today.