Bringing Back The "W" In WWE.

C.M. JamesCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2010

If there is one thing I despise about Wrestlemania, it is what it is often referred to – “The Superbowl of Wrestling.” I mean, I do not want Wrestlemania to be The Superbowl of Wrestling. I want Wrestlemania to be the Wrestlemania of Wrestling. If I wanted to watch The Superbowl, I would watch the Superbowl. But no, I watch Wrestlemania because I want to watch actual wrestling and year by year, slowly but surely, WWE is diluting the wrestling and turning it into this quasi-diluted formula that once consumed causes extreme nausea and frustration.

The 2008’s Royal Rumble has to be one of the most ridiculous Rumbles I have ever witnessed in my life with Hornswoggle competing in the Rumble but spending most of the time underneath the ring and having Finlay disqualified for using the shillelagh. Did anyone not remember the Hardcore Rumble we had a few years before this with guitars being used in the Rumble? Never mind that, weirder things have happened in the WWE like the Katie Vick debacle.

Then at the 2009 Wrestlemania, we had Kid Rock performing at Wrestlemania ‘half-time’ which would have single-handedly killed the event were it not thanks to the brilliance of HBK and The Undertaker. Then, the WWE introduced the Guest Host concept to Monday Night RAW. Week after week we are subjected to torture with hosts who know nothing about wrestling, care little about wrestling and have nothing to do with wrestling hosting the shows. As a result, we have crude segments involving WWE Divas getting ridiculed and made fools off (the Jerry Springer episode), Kofi Kingston identified as Kofi Johnston (the Nascar drivers episode), lame attempts of comedy that conflict with WWE’s PG policy suggesting drug usage and these are just three of the many forgettable and painful guest hosts us, WWE Universe fans have had to endure.

Occasionally we get the golden nuggets with Trish Stratus returning for one night, Bret Hart and later in March, Stone Cold Steve Austin as guest hosts but taken as a whole, this concept has been nothing but a complete and utter failure. None of the guest hosts are relevant and the fact that they are regarded as celebrities is an insult to the real celebrities. Kid Rock may have been relevant but that was a decade ago and guys like Shatner and Springer are the “D” listers of Hollywood. “C” if I am being kind.

If I wanted a variety show, I’d watch a variety show. I don’t need soap opera murder storylines, I don’t need Hornswoggle being ridiculed on TV, I don’t need piss poor singing ridiculing a WWE Diva by having her intentionally sing horribly, I don’t need Mickie James being made fun off and called Piggie James, I don’t need car explosions and storylines involving an illegitimate son.

All I need is wrestling. That is right, more “W” and less “E” and what better place to start than at this year’s Wrestlemania.

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What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you prefer WWE to continue with their PG policy or do you want RAW to be 2 hours of wrestling.