2010 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10: With Current FA Moves: Mar 8

Bobby BoulterContributor IMarch 8, 2010

Because of rising/falling draft stocks from the combine and pro-days and the start of free agency, mock drafts constantly change.  They have to in order to accommodate the changes that happen daily. 

One day the No. 1 CB in the draft doesn't perform so well or perhaps a team satisfies a position need via trade or free agent signing.  Situations like these will affect the outcome of the draft, especially those making predictions such as myself. 

Below is my mock draft for the top 10 picks. 

No. 1 - St Louis - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma

Ever since focus was turned to the draft, analysts had Suh as the No. 1 overall player and not too many opposed the notion including myself.  When it comes to the draft, teams will either choose a player based on position need or best available.  Mocks have St Louis taking Suh (obviously best available), but I think they pull the trigger and take their QB of the future in Bradford.  Bulger is on the downside of his career and Boller or Null isn't the answer.  It's a possibility that Bulger or Boller or both might not even be back.  Even with the signing of AJ Feeley, he's a career backup.

No. 2 - Buffalo (via trade with DET) - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame

I believe Buffalo will be looking for a QB with their first pick at nine.  They'll finally bring some stability to the QB position (something they've been looking for since Jim Kelly).  They attempted to do this with Edwards, but to no avail.  Under a new regime looking to bring a high-caliber player and excitement back to the city of Buffalo, they're obviously looking at Bradford or Clausen.  However, since there are two teams, St Louis and Washington, that may be in the market for a QB picking before them, they focus their attention to what St Louis will do with the No. 1 pick.  I have them picking a QB in Bradford.  Buffalo doesn't want to take a chance with Washington taking Clausen at four, so they trade with Detroit to take the No. 2 overall pick and choose Clausen.  Seems that Detroit has been looking to trade down ever since they picked up DT Corey Williams via trade.

No. 3 - Tampa Bay - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska

Tampa Bay couldn't be more happy with basically having the No. 1 pick in the draft since they're not in the market for a top-tier QB.  They could go with Okung to help solidify their offensive line in protecting their QB of the future in Freeman, but Suh is too much of a talent to pass up.  Tampa Bay selects Suh at three and gives high-fives to St Louis and Buffalo.

No. 4 - Washington - Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State

As a Skins fan, I've been anticipating the movements to be done under the new Shanahan regime, especially with their first pick at four.  A lot of mocks have had Shanny taking a QB, such as Bradford or Clausen, to take under his wing.  After St Louis taking Bradford, that only leaves Clausen.  I don't think Shanny feels the urgency to trade up to take Clausen with Campbell still on board.  They're slowly but surely addressing the personnel on the offensive line for competition, but have yet to sign a starter.  With that said, Shanny drafts a starter in Okung at four.

No. 5 - Kansas City - Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

Kansas City could also go a couple different directions here, especially on defense.  However, they need to solidify the offensive line to protect Cassell.  To do so, they take Williams here at five.

No. 6 - Seattle - Eric Berry S Tennessee

Carroll is looking for the sexy pick by taking a QB here at six, but Bradford and Clausen are already off the board.  They'll be looking for an RB too, but this pick is too high even for the top RB.  Because of that, they turn their focus to the secondary and choose Berry.

No. 7 - Cleveland - Gerald McCoy DL Oklahoma 

A lot of mocks have Cleveland looking to improve their secondary with either a CB or S.  Berry is now off the board and seven is too high to take CB Joe Haden since his draft stock has been falling ever since the combine.  Despite that, they still look towards the defense and pick McCoy.  Cleveland just traded DL Corey Williams to Detroit, so McCoy will help replenish that position.

No. 8 - Oakland - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland

No matter how you try and predict a pick for Oakland, it's always a toss up.  They've gambled the past couple years (in normal fashion) and I think Al Davis is finally realizing that they're (ahem, JaMarcus) not going to pay off.  Since he'll have to make due with who he has, he'll have to give whomever is behind center in 2010 some more time.  With that said, Oakland takes the next best tackle off the board in Campbell.

No. 9 - Detroit (from Buffalo) - Rolando McClain LB Alabama

In the trade with Buffalo, Detroit is now at nine.  They look towards building up a horrible defense. They may have been reluctant to trade down with Suh or McCoy available at two, but after acquiring a DT via trade, they focus their attention getting additional draft picks along with a viable starter at nine.  No better way to begin by selecting the top LB in the draft in McClain.  It makes sense since Larry Foote is now leaving.

No. 10 - Jacksonville - Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida

Jacksonville just signed DE Aaron Kampman from the Green Bay Packers to improve a non-existent pass rush.  Because of the signing, they could address other positions here, but Jacksonville capitalizes with this pick by selecting the top DE in the draft in Pierre-Paul to complement Kampan.  With Kampan and Pierre-Paul on the defensive line, they're pass rush dramatically improves.