Free Agents And Trades

robert cummingsContributor IMarch 8, 2010

Some free agents have begun sigining to other teams while some teams made trades.

  • Dunta Robinson signed with the Atlanta Falcons. This is a good pick up for the Falcons who ranked 21 in defense last year, the only question I have is can Robinson stay healthy? and can he cover a guy like Larry Fitzgerald?
  • Anqun Boldin got traded to Baltimore and for Baltimore this was a must need pick up because the receviers that Baltimore has is not getting the job done. Anqun Boldin is a playmaker but he also have health issues if he stay healthy Baltimore should be a very dangerous team to play.
  • New York Giant's signed Safety Antrel Rolle. New York needs help at just about every position on defense, after going 5-0 at the beginning of the season last year New York didn't make the playoffs and there defense was the biggest reason why. It's going to be interesting to see who else they pick up on defense.
  • New York Jets picked up Antonio Cromartie who i think will fit prefect in Rex Ryan's defense. His best year was 2007 but this past year he played very good for the Chargers so i'm looking for Cromartie to have a breakout season for the Jets.

There's still some big name players still looking for a job and i can't wait to see where they land so stay tuned.