UFC V Strikeforce and More

sal costelloContributor IMarch 8, 2010

We all know PPV's are not cheap.

$55 for a High Def pay per view two to three times a month can cripple ya. I usually go to the bar and watch for cheap since I began watching MMA with UFC 52.

I really prefer to watch MMA at home, close enough to my HD TV that it feels like I'm in the cage and it's nice and quiet. I've been most surprised over the last 2 years at how much I enjoy all the fights on HDnet. Starting next week, HDnet has a new mma card every week. I've gotten hooked on XFC, Sengoku, Dream, MFC and the M-1 series.

There is a lot of great MMA on TV starting this month, and as you know in April, FSN will begin Bellator MMA live Thursday Nights. CBS and Showtime are stepping up with Strikeforce and great fighters like Hendo, Fedor, and Mousasi. And of course the UFC and WEC are on Spike and VS primarily to push their PPV model with Brock Lesnar, GSP, BJ Penn and more.

I think, with all these free MMA shows, the PPV model will need to be replaced sooner or later, which is good for the fans.

You don't pay $55 to watch a football game on Sundays, do you?
You don't pay $55 to watch the superbowl, do you?

Think about it.