Carl Edwards, Known For His Backflips Gives Brad Keselowski a Good Lesson

Todd CarltonContributor IMarch 8, 2010

 Carl Edwards just gave Brad Keselowski a good lesson in how to properly dispose of a newcomer with a little too much fire under his belt, a gainer with a full twist.  Now if Brad could just learn to stick the landing he'll be in business.  If the buzz around the garage is any indication, he might get a few more chances as this season progresses.

 Sunday marked the first time in ages that people woke up Monday morning wanting to talk NASCAR.  Restrictor Plates, no bump-drafting, a 4 time champ....these things leave you with nothing to market.  NASCAR should feel like Atlanta gave them one big Christmas present.

 Most of the articles you'll read this week will come down hard on Edwards.  Most of them will be correct in their judgements.  We were lucky to not have any injuries to speak of.  Carl Edwards was out of line in what he did...retaliation or not.

 But man was it fun to watch!

 The best thing NASCAR can do for itself right now is to do nothing at all.  Bristol could not have been timed more perfectly...well, not considering the break next week.  If I were in the marketing department I would be stirring this pot behind the scenes.  A fistfight in the pits or even on the track would be huge for the sport right now.  I would also somehow try to involve Kevin Harvick...that guy loves a good fight.  I might even goe as far as finding Tony Stewart's "play-nice pills" and refill the bottle with some PEZ candy.

 Atlanta gave NASCAR exactly what it needed...Airtime (pun intended).  Hopefully this shot in the arm will give us former NASCAR fans a little something to cheer about!