March Madness 2010: The 10 Worst Active NCAA Tournament Coaches

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March Madness 2010: The 10 Worst Active NCAA Tournament Coaches

March Madness is almost upon us once more, and you can already imagine the "One Shining Moment" montage that we'll be treated to on April 5.

Given the NCAA track history of these 10 coaches, the only "shining moment" they'll have this season is the airport shoe shine they'll get after a sooner-than-expected tourney knockout.

Some of these unfortunate fellows have been to multiple NCAA Tournaments, yet haven't managed to win a single game. Ever.

Luckily, I wasn't alone in compiling this list. Stat geeks were waaay ahead of me on this one, developing a PASE index to determine the best and worst NCAA coaches. [PASE stands for Performance Against Seed Expectations... basically, how well your team performs based on where they're seeded in the tournament.]

For some guys, their tourney record alone locks them into this list of awful NCAA coaches. For some, they've managed to steal a few wins here or there, but they've underperformed. And one of these coaches even has a winning NCAA Tournament record, but his teams manage to choke year after year when the going gets tough.

Before we continue, let's make one thing clear. This is NOT a list of the 10 worst regular season coaches, or the 10 worst coaches in Division I basketball. In fact, we've got a National Coach of the Year, a guy who's won Coach of the Year in three different conferences, and guys who have won conference titles year in and year out. What they haven't won, with any real measure of consistency, are NCAA Tournament games.

So sit back, relax, and pray that your team isn't coached by one of these 10 guys. Otherwise, your March Madness could be a bit shorter than you expected.

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