Ode to CC Sabathia

BigRegAnalyst IJuly 8, 2008

As a Detroit Tigers fan I couldn't be happier that CC Sabathia is out of the AL Central.  Countless times he made me cringe when the Tigers had to face him. 

He was one of the main reasons that the Tigers didn't make the playoffs last year, and so I am giddy that we won't have to face him the rest of the season (unless the stars align and the Tigers meet the Brewers in the World Series.)

But I am also a little sad.  Gone are the CC fat jokes.  Gems like, Captain Calories, Corporal Candy, Count Chunky, and Slim will never be spoken by Tigers fans again.

We will no longer be able to say, "Byrd couldn't pitch today because CC bit his wing," or "Of course CC didn't make it out of the fourth inning, Denny's opened an all you can eat buffet at 8:30!" 

And who could forget, "That wasn't a spit-ball, CC was just drooling because someone had a hot dog behind home plate!" 

So I now will pass the torch onto the Cubs fans. I'm sure you can come up with some good ones.  Maybe something like, "Thousands starve in Milwaukee after Charleston Chew and Prince go out for brunch together."

So farewell, Chubby Choker.

I love to see you go, but hate to see you waddle away!