Guy Carbonneau Believes Mats Sundin is Coming

Matt WoodmanCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2008

All eyes right now are on Mats Sundin and his playing decision for next season in the NHL. But if any of them think the way Guy Carbonneau does, they’ll all give up hope.


The Montreal bench boss believes that Sundin will eventually decide to sign with the Habs. His reasoning; very logical.


"The Rangers and the Maple Leafs have signed players and don't have any cap room," he said.


If Carbonneau is right than the only other competition would be from the Vancouver Canucks, who reportedly offered Sundin a two year, $20 million deal, which would pay him an annual salary of $10 million.


Meanwhile, the Canadiens offer is believed to be around two years, but only $7 million. Guy Carbonneau doesn’t believe that should be a problem.


"It's not all about money with Mats," Carbonneau told the paper. "I'm sure he has plenty put away over the years."

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