WrestleMania 26: WWE Championship: Batista Vs. John Cena, Who Will Win

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IMarch 8, 2010

Batista vs. John Cena is finally happening at WrestleMania. This Match is "5 Years In The Making". WWE's Top Two Biggest Stars Since The "Attitude Era" (Rock/Austin) as "The Animal Batista" said which is true. The two superstars have been the two biggest star since 2005. Remember both of these stars debuted around 2002/2003 in different paths Batista was with" Evolution" while Cena was rapping w/The US Championship. Batista learned from Ric Flair & Triple H, while Cena had to do it by himself.  

And They Both Got to the Main-Event Scene pretty similar. These Two Meet In The "Royal Rumble 2005". At first they both fell at the same time, ironic Bret Hart & Lex Luger did the same in Royal Rumble 1994. It could've simply been a draw but Mr.McMahon came out and restarted the match, and Batista threw Cena to become the 2005 Royal Rumble Winner. Batista had the main-event at Mania 21 and defeated Triple H to become New World Heavweight Champion while Cena defeated JBL to become New WWE Champion. Batista was the "Man of Few Words", while Cena would be the "Charasmatic One" on the mic. Batista & Cena dominated the entire year of 2005, they defeated everybody in their paths and was unstoppable, back in 2005 they both were the best and in their prime, you couldn't really choose Who's was the Best Out Of The Two At The Time. WWE were looking at their two top popular guys like Austin & Rock.

In The Beginning of 2006 things changed Batista had got injured and would be out for 6 months. Now is this the reason why people look at John Cena as the bigger star because Batista was injured half of the 2006 year. Cena was dominating, he defeated Triple H and had great fueds with Edge & Rob Van Dam. Cena dominated for two years straight, but what would've happened if Batista never got injured. Then 2007 Begins, Cena is WWE Champion & Batista is World Heavyweight Champion, they both have to face WWE's Greatest Legends "The Undertaker & Shawn Micheals" on the Grandest Stage of them All". At No Way Out 2007, Batista and The Undertaker was going to win thr tag team match against Cena and HBK, but Batista walked off on The Undertaker. WrestleMana 23 came along, Everyone said Batista stole the show and had a better match with The Undertaker then John Cena did with Shawn Micheals. Batista losed but had the better match and Cena won his match but didn't steal the show.

Then These to meet at "Summerslam 2008" which might have been a mistake but it happen. The "Biggest BlockBuster of the Summer" Batista vs. John Cena, "First Time Ever". Batista defeated John Cena and injured him that night.

Ever since then they havent faced again. Two years past its 2010, and in late 2009 Batista turned heel and unstoppable again beating up every opponent like The Undertaker & his best friend Rey Mysterio. On The RAW after Royal Rumble 2010 Batista attacks John Cena on Monday Night RAW and Batista bombs him on the steps when Cena tryed helping Hall of Famer Bret "Hitman" Hart. Then it got even crazier after John Cena won the WWE Championship for and Mr.McMahon ordered Cena to face Batista. And Batista won the WWE Championship from John Cena on less than 30 seconds. Then they face on RAW to determine who Batista faces at WrestleMania 26, Sheamus or John Cena. Batista gets himself disqualified so he can face Cena at WrestleMania. Again Batista viciously beats up John Cena,hitting him with steel chairs, just flat out dominating him. So now it Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 26.

But John Cena wanted some answers and he got them, Batista said "He wants to face him at WrestleMania" to prove he's better than him and prove he's the top guy in the company. Batista mentions that Stone Cold passed the torch to "John Cena" which is sorta true. Batista also said "he just can't stand Cena and Cena is the face of the WWE. Everybody wants to hear what John Cena has to say, Batista seemed pretty angry and he mentioned how he's main-stream like "movies, magazines, commercials, poster boy, etc". He said he's going to defeat John Cena at WrestleMania 26, and one funny quote Batista said was "Cena go head kissing little babies and hugging fats girls". Batista basically spoked the truth and Cena looked speechless, disappointed, and almost cried. It was Batista's best promo and he rarely cuts promos, I think Batista is great as a heel and is the best heel in WWE. But Batista really spoke the truth and to end it, he told Cena "Deep-Down John, You Know You Can't Beat Me and You Know It. I believe John Cena can't defeat Batista, and Batista will retain at WrestleMania. And Cena definately know it was the truth, they look at Cena as the "Top Guy" Plain and Simple. Facts have proven that Batista is just the better out of the two. John Cena is the most popular out of the two and you could say "Biggest Star" ot of the two. Also Batista proved he has "mic skills" now and now he has "charisma" the "I Walk Alone" Attitude. Cena is just the biggest face in WWE peroid. But Mania, Who's Ready for Cena & Batista.


Royal Rumble 2005: Batista threw out Cena to win

No Way Out 2007: Batista and The Undertaker would've won if Batista didnt walk out on Taker. So Cena & HBK won.

WrestleMania 23: Batista had a better match w/Undertaker than Cena did w/HBK

Summerslam 2009: Batista defeated John Cena and injured hi,

Elimination Chamber 2010: Batista defeated Cena to become New WWE Champion in 30 secs

Cena defeated Batista by DQ, but you can't really count that.

Triple H has never defeated Batista but has defeated Cena.

Batista defeated The Undertaker, which Cena hasn't defeated The Undertaker or Batista.

HBK had to do everything he could just to defeat Batista (Backlash 2008), fake an injury, HBK didn't do that to Cena.

Batista best fueds were w/HHH & The Undertaker. While Cena best fueds were w/Edge & Randy Orton.

John Cena dominated the "WWE" for 3 straight-years as WWE Champion. While Batista was on SmackDown battling The Undertaker and getting cheated by Edge & Vickie. Batista dominated in 2005 & 2007 and now 2010.

When Will John Cena face the "Deadman"/"Phenom" "Immortal" "Legendary" The Undertaker, a man who Batista has defeated (Cyber-Sunday 2007).

Batista had defeated every man in WWE. And I think the only man that can defeat "The Animal: is The Undertaker.

John Cena is undefeated in singles competion at WrestleMania.

John Cena has main-evented 6 Mania's for the World/WWE Championships. Remember Batista was injured during Mania 22 & 25.

Batista is the only man who simply is dominating Cena, Can Cena defeat/Beat Batista. And Batista was the first to put Cena in his place with that promo on RAW(3/1/10)

Is It True The Only Reason Cena got better than Batista was because of his 2006 injury?

Batista a 6 Time World Champion & Current WWE Champion

John Cena a 8 time World Champion.

The question is can John Cena defeat Batista or simply he just can't. Who is Better, Batista or John Cena. WWE does look at Cena as the top guy since "Austin, Rock, and Hogan". They seemed to left out The Animal Batista.

The Good Thing about this Rivalry Now, Batista is the "Unstoppable" "Unpredicatable" Heel while Cena is the top "Face".

It's going to be a ''Show-Down'' at WrestleMania 26, WWE's two most dominating superstars since "2005". Now its "2010": 5 years has made a difference.

Isn't This similar to Austin/Rock or Hogan/Flair. But Mostly The Rock vs. Stone Cold

Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 26, Who Will Win and Why?

The Show-Down Between WWE'S Two Best Stars Since The "Attitude Era".

The Build Up for This Match is Getting Heated and Interesting

Will John Cena become a 9 time World Champion or will Batista retain and be the best in WWE and Greatest Heel.

The Question is John Cena or Batista

Give me your Opinion, Thanks For Reading

I say Batista is better and will retain


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