Gators and Buckeyes to Clash Again

Derek MathewsCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2008

The Florida Gators and Ohio State Buckeyes will soon clash again.  The SEC will very likely face off against the Big 10 once again in the National Championship.  Florida and Ohio State are the early season favorites.  But bad news for the Big 10.  The last two years, the SEC has had their way against the Buckeyes.

In 2007, Florida beat Ohio State 41-14.

In 2008, LSU beat Ohio State 38-24.

So is the SEC that much better than the Big 10?  Yes.  The SEC's spread offense and option attacks are the new age of college football.  The old days of power football are now over. 

But this year Ohio State might have a new package of plays with highly touted quarterback Terrell Pryor coming in as a freshman. 

Will Pryor's arrival change Big 10 football?  We will soon know.