Is Kobe's Clutch Play Becoming a Crutch? How One Shot Changes a Season

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2010

After today's loss the Lakers suffered at the hands of the Orlando Magic its plain to see how much pressure Kobe is playing under.

He may have the better roster but because who he is in the clutch he often times ends up playing savior to a team that should be dominating their opponents.

Very few fans that have never played any form of organized basketball really understand how difficult it is to perform in the situations Kobe thrives in.

For instance despite having s stomach virus Kobe posted 34 points, 7 rebounds, 7 ast, 3 stl. It wsn't his best shooting night overall but the majority of his points were scored when his team needed them most.

Scoring 18 in the fourth quarter alone, with a long two and a corner heavy contested three by Matt Barnes. Unfortunately for the Lakers Kobe wasn't able to bail them out for the 7th time this season.

Alot is said about the shots Kobe takes and misses, but the ones he takes and converts on prove to be much bigger.

Take the 6 buzzer beaters this year, those 6 buzzers beaters have changed the tone of the whole Western Conference playoff picture.

The Lakers minus those 6 buzzer beaters are 1 game behind Denver in the Western Conference and 9 games behind Cleveland for home court advantage through out the post season.

So next time you see Kobe going up for one of his patent game winners, remember its worth alot more than 2 points.