Out of Bounds on Planet Ill, 3/7/10

Rahsaan HuntContributor IMarch 7, 2010

Out of Bounds: Olympic Gratitude, A.I.’s Issues, New Roethlisberger Allegations

We’re back for another week of Out of Bounds here on Planet Ill. As always, we strive to give you the best from the world around. This week, the world of sports began to wind from the high of the 2010 Winter Olympics. We saw a great Olympic Hockey game to close out the Winter Olympics. The U.S.A. lead the final count with 37 total medals while the host country, Canada, had the most gold medals with 14. Although the Olympics initially looked to be a “snooze fest” with the way things began, the paced picked up quickly this year, with hockey playing a major part.

Pro-Hockey may not have the flash it once had here in America during the late 90’s and early 2000’s following the hockey lockout of 2004. However, in Canada, it’s their national sport and they showed us why they’re the best at it. Congrats to the Canadian hockey team for their gold medal win, to the U.S. Hockey team for advancing to the gold medal game and putting up a good fight, and to all of the Olympic participants, winners and losers, for making the 2010 Winter Olympics one of the more memorable Winter Olympics.

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