Grading WEC 47

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2010

As someone who has spent most of their life in school I'm used to getting feedback in the form of grades and a breakdown of the positives and negatives. So after last night's broadcast of WEC 47 card I have decided to grade the card as a whole.

Let's start with the positives. First, four of the five main card fights ended early meaning we also got to see two exciting preliminary fights. All of the fights that we did see were exciting. Jens Pulver's post fight interview was moving to say the least. The co-main and main event both saw upsets which added to the excitement.

Now the negatives. The main event ended in an anti-climatic fashion due to a broken hand suffered by Brian Bowles that cause the doctor to stop the fight. Stephan Bonnar did a decent job as the color commentator but no where near what we are used to from Frank Mir. Finally, the LC Davis decision win will lead to some questioning of the the judging.

Overall, the card was entertaining and I can forgive the WEC for the LC Davis win because they do not control the judging. The ending to the main event and Bonnar's commentary left me feeling that the night was missing a couple things that would make it truly spectacular. This leads me to a grade for the fight. Final grade: B+

Extra Credit: There are a couple of other observations that I made Torres spent so much time talking in the build up to the fight about how he completely changed his training regimen and how he had lost to Bowles because he had bought in to the hype.

He also said that whether Bowles won or lost he wanted a rematch with Bowles. Maybe this led to him looking past Benavidez but since both he and Bowles lost we could still see a rematch between the two.

Also Jens Pulver has been one of my favorite fighters since I started following the sport but after another defeat it is hard to see the WEC keeping him and as much as I hate to see him retire I think it may be time.

He has a gym to run now and who knows maybe he will find a job at Zuffa doing something to help promote the sport. Also I know he has done commentary for one of the WEC events in the past so maybe he will be able to get a commentary gig.