Brett Gardner Daily Update No. 18

Perry ArnoldSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2010

TAMPA, FL - MARCH 3: Outfielder Brett Gardner #11 of the New York Yankees bats against the Pittsburgh Pirates March 3, 2010 at the George M. Steinbrenner  Field in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Yesterday, in their fourth Spring Training game, the New York Yankees lost to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Brett Gardner started in left field.

In his first plate appearance, Gardner hit a hard ground ball to Lyle Overbay at first base for Toronto. The ball was hit so hard and so directly at Overbay that he was able to turn it into a tricky 3-6-1 double play even with the incredibly fast Gardner running to first.

In his only other time to the plate, Gardner showed great patience and worked a walk.

In the field, Gardner made one very good play when a ball was sliced down the left field line and struck the wall thus being re-directed out into the playing field.

Gardner played the ball perfectly, got to it very quickly and threw a perfect strike to second base.

The runner had no chance of advancing from first on this excellent play from Gardner.

There is no one in the major leagues today who could have made that play better than Gardner did yesterday.

Despite being 0-5 at the plate in the three games he has played this spring, Gardner showed why his defense may be enough for him to win a starting role.