Triple H Vs Sheamus at WM 26: A Throwaway Match?

Al JeffersonContributor IMarch 7, 2010

Follow WWE RAW on Monday it was clear that Triple H would face Sheamus at Wrestlemania XXVI. With the matches that have been booked for WM26 so far, it is clear that the only opponent left for Triple H to fight is Sheamus. So far this match has no story behind it other than the random beating Sheamus put on Triple H. It will take a number of good quality promos over the next few weeks to make me care about this match.

This match could have really benefited from Sheamus having the WWE championship. Without the title there isn't really any reason they're out there wrestling eachother. I personally don't think they can build a strong rivalry in 3 weeks. Also, does the Batista vs Cena match need the WWE championship? Their feud has been building for a month or so now, and the match can be great without the championship as they have an actual storyline backing it. So in my opinion, the creative team made a mistake with the way the Elimination Chamber match ended. I mean couldn't Batista have pissed off Cena in some different way that ensures Sheamus retains the gold?

Now, in relation to the actual match, i'm hoping for a street fight or some sort of hardcore match, as a straight up wrestling match wouldn't leave a lasting impression without a title on the line. 

As big a Triple H fan as i am, i'd have to hope that Sheamus wins. Triple H beating Sheamus at WM wouldn't do much for Triple H, and certainly not for Sheamus. A victory for Sheamus would do wonders for his career and may push him into the title race once again, leaving room for Triple H to have a long feud with someone else. I'm not sure i'd be too excited about a long HHH vs Sheamus feud, but if it does happen (which many people are suggesting it will) i won't be pissed off.

When you look down the list of matches for WM the night before and you see Triple H vs Sheamus how excited will you be? I'm looking forward to the other matches far more. Hell, HHH vs Sheamus could be the opening match, followed by whatever Divas match they have which will undoubtedly include all of them in lingerie, bikinis or a battle royal...sad days for the women's division ahead.