St. Louis Rams Should Trade Down, Grab Jimmy Clausen

Scott SerlesCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2010

PALO ALTO, CA - NOVEMBER 28:  Jimmy Clausen #7 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in action during their game against the Stanford Cardinal at Stanford Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Palo Alto, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As one of the few Rams fans left in St. Louis, I couldn't be more pessimistic about the 2010 draft and the first overall pick that the Rams have sole possession of.

Their track record for not being able to draft quality NFL talent is well documented and a sore subject with yours truly.  I have zero faith in Rams GM Billy Devaney and the jury is still out on Coach Steve Spagnuolo.

Take the Rams 2007 Draft class as proof of their ineptitude, their first four picks have all been busts: Adam Carriker, Brian Leonard, Jonathan Wade, and Dustin Fry, nothing.  While Devaney may have not been the one pulling the trigger in 2007. 

He is the genius who chose Donnie Avery as the first wide receiver in the 2008 Draft, over the likes of DeSean Jackson and Eddie Royal.  And Chris Long? He is not his father, if Chris Long's last name would have been Collins coming out of Virginia in '08, he would have been a third rounder.  The Rams selected him with the second overall pick?

And what's up with the Rams drafting all these white guys?  They're the whitest team in the league and the worst.  Is there a correlation? 

I am also tired of Devaney grand-standing saying that he wants good citizens, character guys to build around.  That's great, but character guys don't win you the Lombardi Trophy, they win the Walter Payton Award.  Last time I checked this is football, a violent sport played by men, some of whom are on the fringes of society.

And that gets me to wondering—Why hasn't Ben Roethlisberger been summonsed to Commissioner Goodell's office to talk about his second career as a serial rapist?  Yet Pac-Man Jones has never been convicted of any crime and gets booted for a year?

Anyway...I digress.

Back to the St. Louis Rams and my point of this entire piece, what should they do with that first pick?  You just know as a Rams fan, (if there are any of you left out there) that they are going to screw it up.

Here is my take. Ndamukong Suh is the best player available, followed closely by Eric Berry and Jimmy Clausen.  While Suh, for any other organization is a slam dunk, the Rams are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback and while some have Sam Bradford rated higher than Clausen.

I believe Bradford with his injury and the fact that he took a lot of his snaps out the shotgun, is too big of a risk for a franchise that needs to do something to re-energize their fan base.

So much is riding on this pick for the Rams and they can't afford to blow this one.  Did anybody watch Clausen last season?  It wasn't his fault that Notre Dame was not any good.  The Irish couldn't tackle Stevie Wonder.

I watched a quarterback (Clausen) in a pro-style offense play with confidence and attitude.  And he does not like to lose, and displayed real leadership ability.  Also take a look at his stats: 28 TD's against 4 INT's, 68.8 percent completion percentage. 

Rewind the the tape of the Notre Dame-Michigan game from this season, Clausen was dropping the deep pass in the hands of his receivers, and if not for a couple of great plays by Michigan defensive back Donovan Warren the Irish win that game by two touchdowns.

Now to obtain Clausen, The Rams should see if Tampa wants to swap spots in order to move up and take Suh.  Clausen does not last past pick No. 4 and the Washington Redskins, so if they are going to trade down, the Buccaneers are the go to team.  Hopefully they could obtain a third rounder as well from the Bucs and with that pick, and draft, oh...I don't know...Donovan Warren?

And while the Rams are in this festive trading mood, they should trade Steven Jackson to New England for a first and third round pick.  Somebody needs to do the right thing within the Rams organization and free Jackson. The guy plays with so much heart and never gave up on a 1-15 team with the worst collection of talent to ever grace the gridiron.  Keith Null was their starting quarterback!  Keith Null! Keith Null of West Texas A&M fame!

Jackson is only going to be elite for another two years, too much tread on his tires and he runs hard, the guy is really a special talent.  But even with Jackson last season, the Rams were still 1-15, and one trick play away from going 0-16. St. Louis needs to overhaul their entire roster and get something in return for him now and possibly draft Jahvid Best or Ryan Matthews in the second round.

Even with an influx of young talent to the Rams roster, I can only expect the Rams at best to go 4-12 next season, so if they don't want to pull the trigger on Clausen this season and go with Suh.  Next year they will be right near the top of the draft again to select Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett.

Don't call it a comeback...this is the first thing I have wrote for Bleacher Report in two years, some of you probably wish I would have never started back up. Shout out to Lynn Louise Clough.