Boston Red Sox Considering Signing Barry Bonds

John GrayCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2008

Barry Bonds a Red Sock—it is being discussed by management. I would support signing Barry Bonds.  David Ortiz has been out of the lineup for the month and the lineup is slumping.  Plus, it would make it a more entertaining summer.

Bonds wants to return to baseball to gain his 3000th hit.  He can save his knees by being a DH in the American League.

At the very least fans in the American League can boo him for the remainder of the year, especially since he has not been a fan of Boston.  It would also be fun to see him and Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling as teammates.

Granted, I am not too optimistic that Bonds can add too much since he has not played since last fall.  Once pitchers find Barry to be rusty then they are not going to be walking him as they have before.

Boston did not have the pleasure of watching baseball's all-time home run hitter play much in Fenway anyways.  It would make the games on TV that much more a "must see" rather than just catching the end of the game. 

Bonds would be a cheap, low-risk addition and not cost any prospects.   If Bonds doesn't perform, the Boston fans will boo him unmercifully, like few others can, for the controversy he has been in the middle of the last few years.  If he succeeds, then Bonds will gain the chance at a much desired World Series ring.

Ironically, Babe Ruth ended in Boston too, as a Brave, and hit three home runs in his last game.