Let's Bring Back Integrity to the Internet Wrestling Community

Mike AKA the ProfessorCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2010

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

For the past three months, I've stayed in the background and watched. I have commented, when it seemed necessary,to help clarify, a point of view. In that time I became familiar, with the vernacular of the" The Internet Wrestling Community".

The IWC is a rather unique group of sports entertainment fans, whom embody the term “FAN” in it's truest sense. They really are “Fanatics”, with a passion and almost religious fervor towards their icons, the wrestlers of WWF/WWE,WCW, ECW, ROH, and TNA.

Many have their cult like allegiances with more than one athletic entertainer and be they Face or Heel, will pledge unending loyalty to that individual.

I've seen the many comments that the story lines in the various venues are poor of late. These are woefully bemoaned by you, my peers, as lacking the emotional stimuli of The Attitude Era.

The usual fare on tap has been something like "The Greatest Wrestler" was this person or that. "The Best Match of All Time" was at that "WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Halloween Havoc, or Bash at the Beach."

It matters not who you talk to, each person will give you, their choices and that is how it should be. There are always great debates, which shows their zeal for this art form. The lines, with gusto, are drawn and the combatants enter the arena of discussion, with naught, but a keyboard to defend their positions.

Some are skilled word warriors, seasoned veterans, with years of debating skills at their command. Others are pretenders, with feigned credibility, with which, to assail the inexperienced. They are ever seeking approval and adulation from the masses, for their pearls of wisdom.

Then we have the novices, with the impetuousness of exuberance and the eagerness of getting their points across, in print. They too, want the recognition and acceptance of their peers. 

Theirs, is the Future of the IWC and this experience will shape the journalistic course of this, our fine  community. They will become either defensive, belligerent or confident, depending on their background, in this, their linguistic parlance.

No matter the topic, the IWC weighs in with their pros, cons and whatevers! Their banter is at best lively and stimulating, at worst Trolling at it's ugliest.

The one constant, is the love they express for the medium that is Professional Wrestling.  I have remained quiet, until now! 

No longer, do I wait in muted observance, because many have put our community under the Scrutiny of Public Opinion. Some have maligned our heroes and heroines, saying that our Stars are not athletes, that they have no reason to be recognized on the Bleacher Report. The B/R should be reserved for Sports, Not Sports Entertainment.

These same people, assert that Professional Wrestling is staged, prearranged and scripted, with the outcome already set. While these facts, are not in dispute. I take opposition to the claim that these actors are “NOT ATHLETES.”

The athletic talents required by these people are well documented. The number of former NFL and CFL Players are many and well known in the annals of their respective leagues.

Names like Wahoo McDaniel, Bill Goldberg, Ernie (The Cat) Ladd, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Lawrence Wendel Pfohl (Lex Luger), Angelo (King Kong) Mosca, just to name a few.

Many Other Athletes have taken part in Pro Wrestling Events as special guests and lent their names as to legitimize the professional wrestling scene. So if these fine Pro Athletes, can accept that Professional Wrestling has validity, in their estimation, it suggests to me, that the detractors should do likewise!!

Have there been problems in the Pro Wrestling with drug and alcohol abuses? Of Course There Have !! But then what about the other sports and entertainment venues?  There will always be problems with injuries and related drug dependencies. Our icons though they appear "Superhuman" are indeed  very human after all!

They have become hooked on their need, for our admiration and will use any means fair or foul to hold on to their lofty perches. Do I approve of It?  Emphatically NO!!  But I'm still aware enough to understand Human Psychology and basic Human Nature.

In my humble opinion, the REAL problem is that the IWC is too busy with infighting. Come on, People!!! Just look at our respective commonality, Please!! 

I am asking All IWC participants to use our collective love for Professional Wrestling to now, Clean up our beloved Bleacher Report. 

Let's put aside any and all animosity for each other and agree to disagree, without resorting to the NAME CALLING, BROW BEATING, and BULLYING for the Sake of Integrity.

If we would, just take the time to read carefully, judge fairly and give praise to, as well as being critical, then we can be a force for Change. Can We?? Will We? I hope so. This is only My Take from parts Unknown. To quote Yoda  “Do or Do not! There is No TRY!!"

The CHOICE IS ALL OF OURS!  Until next time, I remain,

Mike AKA the Professor.