WCW Headlining HOF 2011?

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2010

F4WOnline.com is reporting that the early plan for next year's WWE Hall of Fame is to base it on a WCW theme. Since Wrestlemania is being held in Atlanta next year, which was the base of WCW operations, WWE is considering inducting names like Sting (assuming he's not working with TNA) Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers, The Road Warriors and other notable WCW names.


I, for one, am excited. It's about time that a team like the Road Warriors get into the Hall of Fame. Sadly, Hawk is no longer with us, but we still got Animal and they can have their manager, Paul Ellering, bring them into the HoF. If not, maybe Tully and Arn Anderson. Whatever they decide, this team needs to get their rightful due.

The Steiner Brothers are also due for an induction. This team was incredible and had many memorable feuds. However, with the heat between Scott Steiner and Triple H, it might be interesting. Hopefully that won't be a deciding factor and this team will get in.

Lex Luger, though he didn't have a great run in WWF, was pretty over in NWA/WCW. It will be a nice touch to his career and he does have a lot of friends in the business. He may not be the Total Package anymore, but the man deserves this.

Sting has never been in the WWE before, but that has never stopped Vince before. I easily see him getting into the HoF with a DVD about his career once he finishes up TNA. I remember talks of him getting into the HoF last year and not many people knowing he was even wrestling in TNA. This decision from Vince would be soley about the money, of course.

Three names that weren't brought up in this article are Randy Savage, Diamond Dallas Page, and Booker T. We all know the Savage saga, but he had a great career in WCW also so maybe MAYBE they can get past this. His father recently passed away a couple of days ago and Vince usually talks to past talent once something this tragic happens, so keep them fingers crossed.

DDP made his name in WCW and had a great run. Maybe not the greatest of wrestlers, but he had his legion of fans and won the WCW Championship on a number of occasions. Maybe they can even get Karl Malone to induct him, thus a big celebrity will be at the HoF.

Speaking of celebrities, maybe have Jay Leno get into the HoF. It is a WCW theme after all and he had a couple of big time matches there. Just throwing it out there.

Lastly, Booker T. Though it should be Harlem Heat, at least get Booker in there. He is, after all, a five time five time five time five time five time WCW Champion. He had that awesome best of seven series with Chris Benoit and that series still marks one of the best things WCW ever put on TV. I believe it was for the United States Championship also.

With that being said, who from WCW would you like to see get inducted?