Saskatchewan & Pro Sports

Jason FriesenContributor IMarch 6, 2010

I just want to get some things out in the air right now. I can't help but to notice that Saskatchewan doesn't get all that much PR when it comes to pro sports in the province. Even people in Saskatchewan don't think much about this province. In some sense I can't blame people for being so negative about this province due to the fact that it has never really proven anything to anyone for so many years. People have to realise that we now live in the most prosperous province in Canada. We have to wake up out of this haze that we've been in for so long and see the province for what it really is. All sorts of mines are popping up around Saskatoon (diamond & potash mainly), oil barrons are also making their way into Saskatoon. Saskatchewan has a great growth rate. "Saskatchewan is expected to lead the country with an economic growth rate of 2.9 per cent in 2010, according to the average of nine leading economic forecasters.After ending 2009 with a new record population and the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, Saskatchewan is forecast to start the next decade with the strongest economic growth record in the country in 2010." I don't understand why anyone thinks Saskatchewan is a poor province while we are among the richer provinces surpassing Ontario with wealth. The only province that is wealthier is Alberta. Alberta is struggling now days though. Oil companies are shifting east to Saskatchewan because they are tired of the high royalties in Alberta. We have the opposite of job shortage, we have an employee shortage. It's an employees market. So I don't understand why anyone thinks Saskatchewan is a poor province while we are to lead the country once again in 2010.

The point I am trying to get at is that when ever "pro sports" and "Saskatchewan" are mentioned in the same sentence people cringe. I don't understand why. Saskatchewan Roughriders have an amazing attendance. This is hosted in a city of around 225,000 people. Saskatoon is bigger with over 250,000 people. There are also smaller cities with over 50,000 people each not far from Saskatoon. Martensville & Warman (two small cities) are also just minutes from Saskatoon. There is total of around 40,000 people in the immediate area of Saskatoon. There is alot of money floating around this province, and many many people willing to spend it on the NHL and the CFL. Just like all of Saskatchewan supports the Riders, the whole province would support our NHL team in Saskatoon. The idea of Saskatoon getting its own CFL team is a great idea, and the perfect location for the stadium is right in downtown. There is a large area with untouched soil just east of Idelwild Drive. When you do the math there is well over 500,000 people with in a hour and a half drive from Saskatoon. These numbers are only getting larger at a very fast pace. I think this province is ready to move to the next level.

Do you think that Saskatchewan is able to support pro sports teams? What is your opinion on this subject?