Whoooooooo! Man It Mejia!

Keith BennettCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2016

 Whooooooo! Whooooooo! Manuel said after Jenrry Mejia pitch two and one-third hitless innings with four strikouts. Dan Warthen said, "What you see today-he's a major league pitcher today." Warthen cautioned that Mejia's next outing could be less impressive. But if he and Manuel see some more spring training appearances like Friday's, Mejia could make the team.'If we continue to see that," Manuel said "we have to make some strong conversations." Mejia throws a fast up to 96 miles per hour with a lot of late movement. He also thows a changeup and a decent curveball. It good this kid has a breaking pitch to go with the fastball. He will go a long way with these pitches. Mejia look like the new Doc Gooden relief or starting. Mejia is only 20 years old and look born ready. I sure the Mets don't want rush him but Gooden was 19 when he came up to Mets. Rod Barajas sais "his cuttler is so good, it's almost a true sinker. I the Mets bullpen problems is over right now. The time is now don't look back!