Chris Jericho Championship Smells Fishy

stephen collinsContributor IMarch 6, 2010

               After Chris Jericho won the belt at the elimination chamber pay per view he tweeted "This would never happen in TNA" referring to Bischoff saying in the State of TNA's address that he always believed Jericho was talented but not a main event level guy" Bischoff followed saying McMahon didn't see Jericho as a main-event either based on WWE only giving Jericho two very brief World Title reigns in September and November 2008.

          Chris Jericho returned at Eric Bischoff "Bischoff's right I can't headline in TNA...cos I'm not in my 50s," Jericho said on Twitter.

          This comment by Bischoff is the only reason McMahon put the strap on Jericho to spite Easy E. That is why in Jerichos's promo after he won the belt he repeated time after time "You here that I'm the World Champion". Vince rewarded Jericho with the Smackdown belt not because he feels he deserved it but because he was loyal to the WWE.

             Prior to the elimination chamber victory Jericho held the WWE/World Championship belts for sixty-nine days in the past seven and a half years. CM punk in the past two years has held the championships a total of 160 days to give you an idea where Jericho stood in the whole world championship title scene in the WWE.

               Jericho is one of the most talented wrestlers and has tremendous mic skills but lets face it, his most entertaining years came in WCW when Eric Bischoff was his boss.  His character was dialed in and dominated the middleweights, he was a big fish in a small pond. Since he had his moment in the WWE when he unified the championship belts back in 2002 while Triple H was injured his career as a wrestler has not been groundbreaking to say the least.

                 With all the back and forth between Bischoff and Jericho the facts don't lie, he is currently a small fish in a big pond, hardly a main event level guy. Chris Jericho needs to thank Eric Bischoff for winning the World Championship belt for him, to bad he can't help his music career.